Words ending with ical

Meaning of Abdominovesical

abdominovesical means: of or relating to the abdomen and the urinary bladder

Meaning of Acetyl radical

acetyl radical means: the organic group of acetic acid (CH3CO-)

Meaning of Acoustical

acoustical means: of or relating to the science of acoustics

Meaning of Acritical

acritical means: without a crisis (as of some diseases)

Meaning of Actinometrical

actinometrical means: of or related to actinometry

Meaning of Adrenocortical

adrenocortical means: of or derived from the cortex of the adrenal glands

Meaning of Aerological

aerological means: of or pertaining to aerology

Meaning of Aeromedical

aeromedical means: of or relating to aviation medicine

Meaning of Aeronautical

aeronautical means: of or pertaining to aeronautics

Meaning of Aesthetical

aesthetical means: concerning or characterized by an appreciation of beauty or good taste

Meaning of Campanula carpatica

campanula carpatica means: European perennial bellflower that grows in clumps with spreading stems and blue or white flowers

Meaning of Caucasia

caucasia means: a large region between the Black and Caspian seas that contains the Caucasus Mountains; oil is its major resource

Meaning of Correspondence course

correspondence course means: a course offered (by mail) by a correspondence school

Meaning of Discharged

discharged means: having lost your job

Meaning of Individuate

individuate means: give individual shape or form to

Meaning of Individuate

individuate means: give individual character to

Meaning of Intercede

intercede means: act between parties with a view to reconciling differences

Meaning of Junior featherweight

junior featherweight means: weighs no more than 122 pounds

Meaning of Military quarters

military quarters means: living quarters for personnel on a military post

Meaning of Molybdenite

molybdenite means: a mineral resembling graphite that is valued as the chief source of molybdenum and its compounds

Meaning of Onychium

onychium means: small terrestrial ferns of Old World tropics and subtropics: clawed ferns; sometimes placed in family Cryptogrammataceae

Meaning of Paramecia

paramecia means: any member of the genus Paramecium

Meaning of Parthenocissus quinquefolia

parthenocissus quinquefolia means: common North American vine with compound leaves and bluish-black berrylike fruit

Meaning of Pauline

pauline means: relating to Paul the Apostle or his doctrines

Meaning of Promulgator

promulgator means: (law) one who promulgates laws (announces a law as a way of putting it into execution)

Meaning of Pyridoxal

pyridoxal means: a B vitamin that is essential for metabolism of amino acids and starch

Meaning of Random variable

random variable means: a variable quantity that is random

Meaning of Relay link

relay link means: an amplifier for restoring the strength of a transmitted signal

Meaning of Spyware

spyware means: computer software that obtains information from a user's computer without the user's knowledge or consent

Meaning of Stemmatic

stemmatic means: of or relating to a textual stemma

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