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Meaning of Adrian

adrian means: English physiologist who conducted research into the function of neurons; 1st baron of Cambridge (1889-1997)

Meaning of Adrian

adrian means: Roman Emperor who was the adoptive son of Trajan; travelled throughout his empire to strengthen its frontiers and encourage learning and architecture; on a visit to Britain in 122 he ordered the construction of Hadrian's Wall (76-138)

Meaning of Basidial

basidial means: relating to or characterized by basidia

Meaning of Battle of wits

battle of wits means: a contest in which intelligence rather than violence is used

Meaning of Belle de nuit

belle de nuit means: pantropical climber having white fragrant nocturnal flowers

Meaning of Coltish

coltish means: given to merry frolicking

Meaning of Dissatisfied

dissatisfied means: in a state of sulky dissatisfaction

Meaning of Dolorous

dolorous means: showing sorrow

Meaning of Gastroenterologist

gastroenterologist means: a physician who specializes in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract

Meaning of Graining

graining means: a texture like that of wood

Meaning of Haltere

haltere means: either of the rudimentary hind wings of dipterous insects; used for maintaining equilibrium during flight

Meaning of Keep pace

keep pace means: maintain the same pace

Meaning of Quantum field theory

quantum field theory means: the branch of quantum physics that is concerned with the theory of fields; it was motivated by the question of how an atom radiates light as its electrons jump from excited states

Meaning of Question master

question master means: the host or chairman of a radio or tv quiz show or panel game

Meaning of Regionalism

regionalism means: loyalty to the interests of a particular region

Meaning of Regionalism

regionalism means: a foreign policy that defines the international interests of a country in terms of particular geographic areas

Meaning of Regionalism

regionalism means: a feature (as a pronunciation or expression or custom) that is characteristic of a particular region

Meaning of Shawn

shawn means: United States dancer and choreographer who collaborated with Ruth Saint Denis (1891-1972)

Meaning of Sporophore

sporophore means: a spore-bearing branch or organ: the part of the thallus of a sporophyte that develops spores; in ferns and mosses and liverworts is practically equivalent to the sporophyte

Meaning of Sudan

sudan means: a region of northern Africa to the south of the Sahara and Libyan deserts; extends from the Atlantic to the Red Sea

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