Words ending with ffact

Meaning of Air mass

air mass means: a large body of air with uniform characteristics horizontally

Meaning of Broad leaved centaury

broad leaved centaury means: a variety of centaury with broad leaves

Meaning of Clarence darrow

clarence darrow means: United States lawyer famous for his defense of lost causes (1857-1938)

Meaning of Equal opportunity

equal opportunity means: the right to equivalent opportunities for employment regardless of race or color or sex or national origin

Meaning of Finger hole

finger hole means: a hole for inserting a finger

Meaning of Finger hole

finger hole means: one of a series of holes in a woodwind instrument; pitch changes when a finger covers it

Meaning of Fulica

fulica means: coots

Meaning of Genus telopea

genus telopea means: Australian evergreen shrubs: waratahs

Meaning of Groundskeeper

groundskeeper means: someone who maintains the grounds (of an estate or park or athletic field)

Meaning of Gymnopilus spectabilis

gymnopilus spectabilis means: a fungus with a brownish orange fruiting body and a ring near the top of the stalk; the taste is bitter and the flesh contains psilocybin and psilocin

Meaning of Initially

initially means: at the beginning

Meaning of Orbignya spesiosa

orbignya spesiosa means: tall feather palm of northern Brazil with hard-shelled nuts yielding valuable oil and a kind of vegetable ivory

Meaning of Packing plant

packing plant means: a plant where livestock are slaughtered and processed and packed as meat products

Meaning of Palm beach

palm beach means: a resort town in southeast Florida on an island on the Atlantic coast

Meaning of Puzzle out

puzzle out means: find the solution to (a problem or question) or understand the meaning of

Meaning of Relative clause

relative clause means: a clause introduced by a relative pronoun

Meaning of Risibility

risibility means: a disposition to laugh

Meaning of Roughhouse

roughhouse means: engage in rough or disorderly play

Meaning of Sorex araneus

sorex araneus means: common American shrew

Meaning of Soulfulness

soulfulness means: deep feeling or emotion

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