Words ending with ct

Meaning of Benefact

benefact means: help as a benefactor

Meaning of Bilateral contract

bilateral contract means: a contract involving mutual promises (each party is both promisor and promisee)

Meaning of Bile duct

bile duct means: a duct formed by the hepatic and cystic ducts; opens into the duodenum

Meaning of Birth defect

birth defect means: a defect that is present at birth

Meaning of Bisect

bisect means: cut in half or cut in two

Meaning of Border district

border district means: district consisting of the area on either side of a border or boundary of a country or an area

Meaning of Bract

bract means: a modified leaf or leaflike part just below and protecting an inflorescence

Meaning of Breach of contract

breach of contract means: a breach of a legal duty; failure to do something that is required in a contract

Meaning of Business district

business district means: the central area or commercial center of a town or city

Meaning of Butterfly effect

butterfly effect means: the phenomenon whereby a small change at one place in a complex system can have large effects elsewhere, e.g., a butterfly flapping its wings in Rio de Janeiro might change the weather in Chicago

Meaning of Acoustic wave

acoustic wave means: (acoustics) a wave that transmits sound

Meaning of Cartridge extractor

cartridge extractor means: a mechanism in a firearm that pulls an empty shell case out of the chamber and passes it to the ejector

Meaning of Cedrus

cedrus means: true cedars

Meaning of Chrysolophus pictus

chrysolophus pictus means: brightly colored crested pheasant of mountains of western and central Asia

Meaning of Common year

common year means: a year that is not a leap year

Meaning of Corporation

corporation means: slang for a paunch

Meaning of Corporation

corporation means: a business firm whose articles of incorporation have been approved in some state

Meaning of Cryptogamia

cryptogamia means: in former classification systems: one of two major plant divisions, including all plants that do not bear seeds: ferns, mosses, algae, fungi

Meaning of Delairea

delairea means: one species: German ivy

Meaning of Equus quagga

equus quagga means: mammal of South Africa that resembled a zebra; extinct since late 19th century

Meaning of Genus scrophularia

genus scrophularia means: type genus of Scrophulariaceae; named for the plants' supposed ability to cure scrofula: figworts

Meaning of Golfo de campeche

golfo de campeche means: a part of the Gulf of Mexico to the west of Yucatan

Meaning of Heinousness

heinousness means: the quality of being shockingly cruel and inhumane

Meaning of Malayo-polynesian

malayo-polynesian means: the branch of the Austronesian languages spoken from Madagascar to the central Pacific

Meaning of Malayo-polynesian

malayo-polynesian means: of or relating to the Malayo-Polynesian branch of the Austronesian languages

Meaning of Midair

midair means: some point in the air; above ground level

Meaning of Plum duff

plum duff means: a stiff flour pudding steamed or boiled usually and containing e.g. currants and raisins and citron

Meaning of Realisation

realisation means: something that is made real or concrete

Meaning of Realisation

realisation means: making real or giving the appearance of reality

Meaning of Realisation

realisation means: the completion or enrichment of a piece of music left sparsely notated by a composer

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