Words ending with bias

Meaning of Bias

bias means: a partiality that prevents objective consideration of an issue or situation

Meaning of Bias

bias means: a line or cut across a fabric that is not at right angles to a side of the fabric

Meaning of Bias

bias means: cause to be biased

Meaning of Bias

bias means: influence in an unfair way

Meaning of Bias

bias means: slanting diagonally across the grain of a fabric

Meaning of Experimenter bias

experimenter bias means: (psychology) bias introduced by an experimenter whose expectations about the outcome of the experiment can be subtly communicated to the participants in the experiment

Meaning of Alpine scurvy

alpine scurvy means: a disease caused by deficiency of niacin or tryptophan (or by a defect in the metabolic conversion of tryptophan to niacin); characterized by gastrointestinal disturbances and erythema and nervous or mental disorders; may be caused by malnutrition or alcoholism or other nutritional impairments

Meaning of Araucaria araucana

araucaria araucana means: large Chilean evergreen conifer having intertwined branches and bearing edible nuts

Meaning of Ataturk

ataturk means: Turkish statesman who abolished the caliphate and founded Turkey as a modern secular state (1881-1938)

Meaning of Bathetic

bathetic means: effusively or insincerely emotional

Meaning of Class euglenophyceae

class euglenophyceae means: coextensive with the division Euglenophyta

Meaning of Daylight saving

daylight saving means: time during which clocks are set one hour ahead of local standard time; widely adopted during summer to provide extra daylight in the evenings

Meaning of Governor general

governor general means: a governor of high rank

Meaning of Guillaume de grimoard

guillaume de grimoard means: French pope from 1362 to 1370 who tried to reestablish the papacy in Rome but in 1367 returned to Avignon hoping to end the war between France and England; canonized in 1870 (1310-1370)

Meaning of Hotel manager

hotel manager means: an owner or manager of hotels

Meaning of Hs2

hs2 means: a herpes virus that can cause genital herpes

Meaning of Jagghery

jagghery means: unrefined brown sugar made from palm sap

Meaning of Matzo

matzo means: brittle flat bread eaten at Passover

Meaning of Modifier

modifier means: a gene that modifies the effect produced by another gene

Meaning of Modifier

modifier means: a content word that qualifies the meaning of a noun or verb

Meaning of Modifier

modifier means: a person who changes something

Meaning of Modifier

modifier means: a moderator who makes less extreme or uncompromising

Meaning of Monocot genus

monocot genus means: genus of flowering plants having a single cotyledon (embryonic leaf) in the seed

Meaning of Optimum

optimum means: most favorable conditions or greatest degree or amount possible under given circumstances

Meaning of Optimum

optimum means: most desirable possible under a restriction expressed or implied

Meaning of Radiopacity

radiopacity means: opacity to X-rays or other radiation

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