Words containing waggishness

Meaning of Waggishness

waggishness means: waggish behavior

Meaning of 1st class

1st class means: mail that includes letters and postcards and packages sealed against inspection

Meaning of American ginseng

american ginseng means: North American woodland herb similar to and used as substitute for the Chinese ginseng

Meaning of Benignantly

benignantly means: in a benign manner

Meaning of Bibliopolic

bibliopolic means: of or relating to bibliopoles

Meaning of Boredom

boredom means: the feeling of being bored by something tedious

Meaning of Closed-class word

closed-class word means: a word that is uninflected and serves a grammatical function but has little identifiable meaning

Meaning of Dryopteris goldiana

dryopteris goldiana means: North American fern with a blackish lustrous stipe

Meaning of Family verbenaceae

family verbenaceae means: family of New World tropical and subtropical herbs and shrubs and trees

Meaning of Impeccability

impeccability means: the quality of being exempt from sin or incapable of sinning

Meaning of Impeccability

impeccability means: the quality of being without an error or fault

Meaning of Island dispenser

island dispenser means: a pump in a service station that draws gasoline from underground storage tanks

Meaning of Land cress

land cress means: of southwestern Europe; cultivated in Florida

Meaning of Latticed

latticed means: having a pattern of fretwork or latticework

Meaning of Let down

let down means: fail to meet the hopes or expectations of

Meaning of Let down

let down means: move something or somebody to a lower position

Meaning of Liberty ship

liberty ship means: a slow cargo ship built during World War II

Meaning of Louis the wideawake

louis the wideawake means: king of France whose military victories consolidated his reign (1081-1137)

Meaning of Pearl hominy

pearl hominy means: hominy prepared by milling to pellets of medium size

Meaning of Scrubbird

scrubbird means: small fast-running Australian bird resembling a wren and frequenting brush or scrub

Meaning of Sialis lutaria

sialis lutaria means: dark-colored insect having predaceous aquatic larvae

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