Words containing uspicious

Meaning of Auspicious

auspicious means: auguring favorable circumstances and good luck

Meaning of Auspiciously

auspiciously means: in an auspicious manner

Meaning of Auspiciousness

auspiciousness means: the favorable quality of strongly indicating a successful result

Meaning of Inauspicious

inauspicious means: not auspicious; boding ill

Meaning of Inauspicious

inauspicious means: presaging ill fortune

Meaning of Inauspicious

inauspicious means: contrary to your interests or welfare

Meaning of Inauspiciously

inauspiciously means: in an inauspicious manner

Meaning of Inauspiciousness

inauspiciousness means: the quality of suggesting an unsuccessful result

Meaning of Oversuspicious

oversuspicious means: unduly suspicious

Meaning of Suspicious

suspicious means: not as expected

Meaning of Alerting

alerting means: a warning serves to make you more alert to danger

Meaning of Alerting

alerting means: a state of readiness to respond

Meaning of Aoristic

aoristic means: of or relating to the aorist tense

Meaning of Avalokiteshvara

avalokiteshvara means: a male Bodhisattva; widely associated with various gods and people

Meaning of Carina fornicis

carina fornicis means: ridge on the lower surface of the fornix of the brain

Meaning of Cerivastatin

cerivastatin means: an oral drug (trade name Baycol) to reduce blood cholesterol levels

Meaning of Color property

color property means: an attribute of color

Meaning of Conospermum

conospermum means: Australian shrubs (some trees) with flowers in dense spikes: smoke bush

Meaning of Decontaminate

decontaminate means: rid of contamination

Meaning of Decubitus

decubitus means: a reclining position (as in a bed)

Meaning of Executive branch

executive branch means: the branch of the United States government that is responsible for carrying out the laws

Meaning of Family coccidae

family coccidae means: scale insects

Meaning of Hernan cortes

hernan cortes means: Spanish conquistador who defeated the Aztecs and conquered Mexico (1485-1547)

Meaning of Idiot savant

idiot savant means: person who is mentally retarded in general but who displays remarkable aptitude in some limited field (usually involving memory)

Meaning of Infuriation

infuriation means: a feeling of intense anger

Meaning of Khakis

khakis means: a military uniform made of khaki fabric

Meaning of Stearic

stearic means: of or relating to or composed of fat

Meaning of Theologiser

theologiser means: someone who is learned in theology or who speculates about theology

Meaning of Threshing machine

threshing machine means: a farm machine for separating seeds or grain from the husks and straw

Meaning of Wearing apparel

wearing apparel means: clothing in general

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