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Meaning of 26

26 means: the cardinal number that is the sum of twenty-five and one

Meaning of 26

26 means: being six more than twenty

Meaning of Bachelor of music

bachelor of music means: a bachelor's degree in music

Meaning of Chips

chips means: strips of potato fried in deep fat

Meaning of Choropleth map

choropleth map means: a map that uses graded differences in shading or color or the placing of symbols inside defined areas on the map in order to indicate the average values of some property or quantity in those areas

Meaning of Commoner

commoner means: a person who holds no title

Meaning of Computationally

computationally means: with regard to computation

Meaning of Conceptually

conceptually means: in a conceptual manner

Meaning of Constant-width font

constant-width font means: a typeface is which each character is given the same width (as by a typewriter)

Meaning of Dance lesson

dance lesson means: a lesson in dancing

Meaning of Family palaemonidae

family palaemonidae means: prawns

Meaning of Frame of reference

frame of reference means: a system of assumptions and standards that sanction behavior and give it meaning

Meaning of Frame of reference

frame of reference means: a system that uses coordinates to establish position

Meaning of Os breve

os breve means: a bone that is of approximately equal dimension in all directions

Meaning of Pinus attenuata

pinus attenuata means: medium-sized three-needled pine of the Pacific coast of the United States having a prominent knob on each scale of the cone

Meaning of Respiratory

respiratory means: pertaining to respiration

Meaning of Silver sagebrush

silver sagebrush means: low much-branched perennial of western United States having silvery leaves; an important browse and shelter plant

Meaning of Skewer

skewer means: a long pin for holding meat in position while it is being roasted

Meaning of Skewer

skewer means: drive a skewer through

Meaning of Smallish

smallish means: rather small

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