Words containing urt

Meaning of Agincourt

agincourt means: a battle in northern France in which English longbowmen under Henry V decisively defeated a much larger French army in 1415

Meaning of Alligator snapping turtle

alligator snapping turtle means: large species having three ridges on its back; found in southeastern United States

Meaning of Appeals court

appeals court means: a court whose jurisdiction is to review decisions of lower courts or agencies

Meaning of Appellate court

appellate court means: a court whose jurisdiction is to review decisions of lower courts or agencies

Meaning of Appurtenance

appurtenance means: a supplementary component that improves capability

Meaning of Appurtenance

appurtenance means: equipment consisting of miscellaneous articles needed for a particular operation or sport etc.

Meaning of Appurtenant

appurtenant means: furnishing added support

Meaning of Australian turtledove

australian turtledove means: small Australian dove

Meaning of Badminton court

badminton court means: the court on which badminton is played

Meaning of Bamboo curtain

bamboo curtain means: an ideological barrier around communist China especially in the 1950s and 1960s

Meaning of Anfractuous

anfractuous means: full of twists and turns

Meaning of Arbitral

arbitral means: relating to or resulting from arbitration

Meaning of Baobab

baobab means: African tree having an exceedingly thick trunk and fruit that resembles a gourd and has an edible pulp called monkey bread

Meaning of Barbitone

barbitone means: a barbiturate used as a hypnotic

Meaning of Barred pickerel

barred pickerel means: small but gamy pickerel of Atlantic coastal states

Meaning of Bibos

bibos means: wild ox

Meaning of Cananga

cananga means: a genus of Malayan tree

Meaning of Chordal

chordal means: relating to or consisting of or emphasizing chords

Meaning of Comparison

comparison means: the act of examining resemblances

Meaning of Comparison

comparison means: qualities that are comparable

Meaning of Comparison

comparison means: relation based on similarities and differences

Meaning of Counter conditioning

counter conditioning means: conditioning in which a second incompatible response is conditioned to an already conditioned stimulus

Meaning of Elephant seal

elephant seal means: either of two large northern Atlantic earless seals having snouts like trunks

Meaning of End up

end up means: finally be or do something

Meaning of Epistle to the ephesians

epistle to the ephesians means: a New Testament book containing the epistle from Saint Paul to the Ephesians which explains the divine plan for the world and the consummation of this in Christ

Meaning of Hutchins

hutchins means: United States educator who was president of the University of Chicago (1899-1977)

Meaning of Kipper

kipper means: salted and smoked herring

Meaning of Nathaniel hawthorne

nathaniel hawthorne means: United States writer of novels and short stories mostly on moral themes (1804-1864)

Meaning of Order piciformes

order piciformes means: woodpeckers; jacamars; puffbirds; barbets; honey guides; toucans

Meaning of Reunify

reunify means: unify again, as of a country

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