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Meaning of Abyssinia

abyssinia means: Ethiopia is a republic in northeastern Africa on the Red Sea; formerly called Abyssinia

Meaning of Appraising

appraising means: exercising or involving careful evaluations

Meaning of Beria

beria means: Soviet chief of secret police under Joseph Stalin; was executed by his associates in the power struggle following Stalin's death (1899-1953)

Meaning of Brunet

brunet means: a person with dark (brown) hair

Meaning of Brunet

brunet means: marked by dark or relatively dark pigmentation of hair or skin or eyes

Meaning of Cherry-tree gum

cherry-tree gum means: exudation from trees of the Prunus genus; resembles gum arabic

Meaning of Cloakmaker

cloakmaker means: someone whose occupation is making or repairing fur garments

Meaning of Coeliac plexus

coeliac plexus means: a large plexus of sympathetic nerves in the abdomen behind the stomach

Meaning of Coterminous

coterminous means: being of equal extent or scope or duration

Meaning of Cuniculus paca

cuniculus paca means: large burrowing rodent of South America and Central America; highly esteemed as food

Meaning of Dennis gabor

dennis gabor means: British physicist (born in Hungary) noted for his work on holography (1900-1979)

Meaning of Double standard

double standard means: an ethical or moral code that applies more strictly to one group than to another

Meaning of Emulsify

emulsify means: form into or become an emulsion

Meaning of Emulsify

emulsify means: cause to become an emulsion; make into an emulsion

Meaning of Flax rust

flax rust means: fungus causing flax rust

Meaning of Genus elephas

genus elephas means: type genus of the family Elephantidae

Meaning of Greybeard

greybeard means: a stoneware drinking jug with a long neck; decorated with a caricature of Cardinal Bellarmine (17th century)

Meaning of Greybeard

greybeard means: a man who is very old

Meaning of Lighting

lighting means: the act of setting something on fire

Meaning of Lighting

lighting means: the craft of providing artificial light

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