Words containing ssus

Meaning of Battle of issus

battle of issus means: a battle (333 BC) in which Alexander the Great defeated the Persians under Darius III

Meaning of Blissus

blissus means: chinch bugs

Meaning of Blissus leucopterus

blissus leucopterus means: small black-and-white insect that feeds on cereal grasses

Meaning of Borassus

borassus means: palmyra

Meaning of Borassus flabellifer

borassus flabellifer means: tall fan palm of Africa and India and Malaysia yielding a hard wood and sweet sap that is a source of palm wine and sugar; leaves used for thatching and weaving

Meaning of Byssus

byssus means: tuft of strong filaments by which e.g. a mussel makes itself fast to a fixed surface

Meaning of Cnossus

cnossus means: an ancient town on Crete where Bronze Age culture flourished from about 2000 BC to 1400 BC

Meaning of Colossus

colossus means: a person of exceptional importance and reputation

Meaning of Colossus

colossus means: someone or something that is abnormally large and powerful

Meaning of Colossus of rhodes

colossus of rhodes means: a huge bronze statue of the sun god Helios that was built around 285 BC and that stood beside the harbor entrance on the island of Rhodes for about 50 years before it was toppled by an earthquake

Meaning of African love grass

african love grass means: perennial South African grass having densely clumped flimsy stems; introduced into United States especially for erosion control

Meaning of Congruous

congruous means: suitable or appropriate together

Meaning of Congruous

congruous means: corresponding in character or kind

Meaning of Enterprise zone

enterprise zone means: a city district where development receives special tax advantages

Meaning of Fair chance

fair chance means: a reasonable probability of success

Meaning of Gloriosa

gloriosa means: any plant of the genus Gloriosa of tropical Africa and Asia; a perennial herb climbing by means of tendrils at leaf tips having showy yellow to red or purple flowers; all parts are poisonous

Meaning of Glyburide

glyburide means: an oral antidiabetic drug (trade names DiaBeta and Micronase) that stimulates the release of insulin from the pancreas

Meaning of Intercourse

intercourse means: sexual activity between individuals, especially the insertion of a man's penis into a woman's vagina until orgasm and ejaculation occur

Meaning of Intercourse

intercourse means: communication between individuals

Meaning of Jabberwocky

jabberwocky means: nonsensical language (according to Lewis Carroll)

Meaning of Logical system

logical system means: a system of reasoning

Meaning of Occupier

occupier means: a member of a military force who is residing in a conquered foreign country

Meaning of Occupier

occupier means: someone who lives at a particular place for a prolonged period or who was born there

Meaning of Painted turtle

painted turtle means: freshwater turtles having bright yellow and red markings; common in the eastern United States

Meaning of Park bench

park bench means: a bench in a public park

Meaning of Pertinacity

pertinacity means: persistent determination

Meaning of Poor person

poor person means: a person with few or no possessions

Meaning of Reconvict

reconvict means: convict anew

Meaning of Religious residence

religious residence means: residence that is a place of religious seclusion (such as a monastery)

Meaning of Some other

some other means: any of various alternatives; some other

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