Words containing souven

Meaning of Souvenir

souvenir means: something of sentimental value

Meaning of Souvenir

souvenir means: a reminder of past events

Meaning of Acanthurus

acanthurus means: type genus of the Acanthuridae: doctorfishes

Meaning of Babyrousa

babyrousa means: a genus of Suidae

Meaning of Ballistic capsule

ballistic capsule means: a craft capable of traveling in outer space; technically, a satellite around the sun

Meaning of Blue-headed vireo

blue-headed vireo means: common vireo of northeastern North America with bluish slaty-grey head

Meaning of Carpetbag

carpetbag means: traveling bag made of carpet; widely used in 19th century

Meaning of Carpetbag

carpetbag means: presumptuously seeking success or a position in a new locality

Meaning of Carpetbag

carpetbag means: following the practices or characteristic of carpetbaggers

Meaning of Counsel to the crown

counsel to the crown means: a barrister selected to serve as counsel to the British ruler

Meaning of Daniel ortega saavedra

daniel ortega saavedra means: Nicaraguan statesman (born in 1945)

Meaning of Daniel patrick moynihan

daniel patrick moynihan means: United States politician and educator (1927-2003)

Meaning of Decorously

decorously means: in a proper and decorous manner

Meaning of Foundering

foundering means: (of a ship) sinking

Meaning of Genus hamamelis

genus hamamelis means: deciduous shrubs or small trees: witch hazel

Meaning of Great auk

great auk means: large flightless auk of rocky islands off northern Atlantic coasts; extinct

Meaning of Juneberry

juneberry means: edible purple or red berries

Meaning of Juneberry

juneberry means: any of various North American trees or shrubs having showy white flowers and edible blue-black or purplish fruit

Meaning of Malpighian layer

malpighian layer means: the innermost layer of the epidermis

Meaning of Mumification necrosis

mumification necrosis means: (pathology) gangrene that develops in the presence of arterial obstruction and is characterized by dryness of the dead tissue and a dark brown color

Meaning of Spherical angle

spherical angle means: an angle formed at the intersection of the arcs of two great circles

Meaning of Thermal resistor

thermal resistor means: a semiconductor device made of materials whose resistance varies as a function of temperature; can be used to compensate for temperature variation in other components of a circuit

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