Words containing sistrurus

Meaning of Genus sistrurus

genus sistrurus means: pygmy rattlesnakes

Meaning of Sistrurus

sistrurus means: pygmy rattlesnakes

Meaning of Sistrurus catenatus

sistrurus catenatus means: pygmy rattlesnake found in moist areas from the Great Lakes to Mexico; feeds on mice and small amphibians

Meaning of Sistrurus miliaris

sistrurus miliaris means: small pygmy rattlesnake

Meaning of Auricular point

auricular point means: the craniometric point at the center of the opening of the external acoustic meatus

Meaning of Canakkale bogazi

canakkale bogazi means: the strait between the Aegean and the Sea of Marmara that separates European Turkey from Asian Turkey

Meaning of Cestidae

cestidae means: coextensive with the order Cestida; ctenophores having a greatly flattened and elongated body

Meaning of Choroid

choroid means: a highly vascular membrane in the eye between the retina and the sclera; a dark pigmentation minimizes the scattering of light inside the eye

Meaning of Douglas squirrel

douglas squirrel means: far western United States counterpart of the red squirrel

Meaning of Gaius plinius secundus

gaius plinius secundus means: Roman author of an encyclopedic natural history; died while observing the eruption of Vesuvius (23-79)

Meaning of Go fish

go fish means: a card game for two players who try to assemble books of cards by asking the opponent for particular cards

Meaning of Hypericum perforatum

hypericum perforatum means: yellow-flowered perennial common in fields and waste places but a weed in rangelands

Meaning of January 20

january 20 means: the day designated for inauguration of the United States President

Meaning of January 20

january 20 means: a Christian holy day

Meaning of Melody

melody means: the perception of pleasant arrangements of musical notes

Meaning of Melody

melody means: a succession of notes forming a distinctive sequence

Meaning of Musculus rhomboideus minor

musculus rhomboideus minor means: rhomboid muscle that draws the scapula toward the vertebral column and slightly upward

Meaning of Nephroangiosclerosis

nephroangiosclerosis means: kidney disease that is usually associated with hypertension; sclerosis of the renal arterioles reduces blood flow that can lead to kidney failure and heart failure

Meaning of Panthera tigris

panthera tigris means: large feline of forests in most of Asia having a tawny coat with black stripes; endangered

Meaning of Phosphocreatine

phosphocreatine means: an organic compound of creatine and phosphoric acid; found in the muscles of vertebrates where its hydrolysis releases energy for muscular contraction

Meaning of Pritzelago alpina

pritzelago alpina means: small tufted perennial herb of mountains of central and southern Europe having very small flowers of usually leafless stems; sometimes placed in genus Lepidium

Meaning of Pycnotic

pycnotic means: of or relating to or exhibiting pyknosis

Meaning of Sailfish

sailfish means: large pelagic game fish having an elongated upper jaw and long dorsal fin that resembles a sail

Meaning of Sailfish

sailfish means: a saltwater fish with lean flesh

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