Words containing siapilosa

Meaning of Abort

abort means: the act of terminating a project or procedure before it is completed

Meaning of Abort

abort means: terminate a pregnancy by undergoing an abortion

Meaning of Abort

abort means: cease development, die, and be aborted

Meaning of Abort

abort means: terminate before completion

Meaning of Ahura mazda

ahura mazda means: chief deity of Zoroastrianism; source of light and embodiment of good

Meaning of Aircraft landing

aircraft landing means: landing an aircraft

Meaning of Alter ego

alter ego means: a very close and trusted friend who seems almost a part of yourself

Meaning of Carl orff

carl orff means: German musician who developed a widely used system for teaching music to children (1895-1982)

Meaning of Family rutaceae

family rutaceae means: a family of dicotyledonous plants of order Geraniales; have flowers that are divide into four or five parts and usually have a strong scent

Meaning of Genus monilia

genus monilia means: genus of parasitic yeastlike imperfect fungi having spherical or oval conidia in branched chains; some species usually placed in other genera especially genus Candida

Meaning of Gold medal

gold medal means: a trophy made of gold (or having the appearance of gold) that is usually awarded for winning first place in a competition

Meaning of Gujarati

gujarati means: the Indic language spoken by the people of India who live in Gujarat in western India

Meaning of Gujarati

gujarati means: a member of the people of Gujarat

Meaning of Horse trading

horse trading means: the swapping of horses (accompanied by much bargaining)

Meaning of Horse trading

horse trading means: negotiation accompanied by mutual concessions and shrewd bargaining

Meaning of Jiqui

jiqui means: Cuban timber tree with hard wood very resistant to moisture

Meaning of Macrocosm

macrocosm means: everything that exists anywhere

Meaning of Ministerially

ministerially means: in the manner of a minister or clergyman

Meaning of Mycteria americana

mycteria americana means: an American stork that resembles the true ibises in having a downward-curved bill; inhabits wooded swamps of New World tropics

Meaning of Rain shower

rain shower means: a brief period of precipitation

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