Words containing sia

Meaning of Abasia

abasia means: inability to walk

Meaning of Abasia trepidans

abasia trepidans means: abasia due to trembling of the legs

Meaning of Abkhasian

abkhasian means: a Circassian language spoken by the Abkhaz

Meaning of Abkhasian

abkhasian means: a member of the Circassian people who live to the east of the Black Sea

Meaning of Acacia farnesiana

acacia farnesiana means: tropical American thorny shrub or small tree; fragrant yellow flowers used in making perfumery

Meaning of Acataphasia

acataphasia means: a disorder in which a lesion to the central nervous system leaves you unable to formulate a statement or to express yourself in an organized manner

Meaning of Achondroplasia

achondroplasia means: an inherited skeletal disorder beginning before birth; cartilage is converted to bone resulting in dwarfism

Meaning of Achromasia

achromasia means: unnatural lack of color in the skin (as from bruising or sickness or emotional distress)

Meaning of Acoustic aphasia

acoustic aphasia means: an impairment in understanding spoken language that is not attributable to hearing loss

Meaning of Acroanaesthesia

acroanaesthesia means: loss of sensation in the extremities

Meaning of Acne rosacea

acne rosacea means: a skin disease of adults (more often women) in which blood vessels of the face enlarge resulting in a flushed appearance

Meaning of Aloe family

aloe family means: one of many families or subfamilies into which some classification systems subdivide the Liliaceae but not widely accepted

Meaning of Attainment

attainment means: arrival at a new stage

Meaning of Attainment

attainment means: the act of achieving an aim

Meaning of Attainment

attainment means: an ability that has been acquired by training

Meaning of Carry nation

carry nation means: United States prohibitionist who raided saloons and destroyed bottles of liquor with a hatchet (1846-1911)

Meaning of Clench

clench means: the act of grasping

Meaning of Clench

clench means: a small slip noose made with seizing

Meaning of Clench

clench means: squeeze together tightly

Meaning of Clench

clench means: hold in a tight grasp

Meaning of Downscale

downscale means: intended for people with low incomes

Meaning of Frans hals

frans hals means: Dutch portrait and genre painter who endowed his portraits with vitality and humor (1580?-1666)

Meaning of Giovanni boccaccio

giovanni boccaccio means: Italian poet (born in France) (1313-1375)

Meaning of Gladdon iris

gladdon iris means: iris with purple flowers and foul-smelling leaves; southern and western Europe and North Africa

Meaning of Graham greene

graham greene means: English novelist and Catholic (1904-1991)

Meaning of Intermittent cramp

intermittent cramp means: clinical neurological syndrome characterized by muscular twitching and cramps and (when severe) seizures; associated with calcium deficiency (hypoparathyroidism) or vitamin D deficiency or alkalosis

Meaning of Jean-louis lebris de kerouac

jean-louis lebris de kerouac means: United States writer who was a leading figure of the beat generation (1922-1969)

Meaning of Lipectomy

lipectomy means: plastic surgery involving the breakdown and removal of fatty tissue

Meaning of Loosestrife family

loosestrife family means: herbs and shrubs and small trees with pink or purple flowers

Meaning of Mull

mull means: an island in western Scotland in the Inner Hebrides

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