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Meaning of Aigrette

aigrette means: a long plume (especially one of egret feathers) worn on a hat or a piece of jewelry in the shape of a plume

Meaning of Air compressor

air compressor means: a compressor that takes in air at atmospheric pressure and delivers it at a higher pressure

Meaning of Air crew

air crew means: the crew of an aircraft

Meaning of Air current

air current means: air moving (sometimes with considerable force) from an area of high pressure to an area of low pressure

Meaning of Air force intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance

air force intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance means: an agency focused on ensuring that the United States military attains information superiority; operates worldwide ground sites and an array of airborne reconnaissance and surveillance platforms

Meaning of Air force research laboratory

air force research laboratory means: a United States Air Force defense laboratory responsible for discovering and developing and integrating fighting technologies for aerospace forces

Meaning of Air mattress

air mattress means: a mattress that can be stored flat and inflated for use

Meaning of Air pressure

air pressure means: the pressure exerted by the atmosphere

Meaning of Air reconnaissance

air reconnaissance means: reconnaissance either by visual observation from the air or through the use of airborne sensors

Meaning of Air-breathing

air-breathing means: deriving oxygen from the air

Meaning of Arcuate artery

arcuate artery means: curved artery in the foot

Meaning of Aspidelaps lubricus

aspidelaps lubricus means: small widely distributed arboreal snake of southern Africa banded in black and orange

Meaning of Capillary bed

capillary bed means: a layer of tissue densely packed with capillaries

Meaning of Classical architecture

classical architecture means: architecture influenced by the ancient Greeks or Romans

Meaning of Collotype printing

collotype printing means: a photomechanical printing process that uses a glass plate with a gelatin surface that carries the image to be reproduced; can be used with one or more colors

Meaning of Deparia acrostichoides

deparia acrostichoides means: fern with elongate silvery outgrowths enclosing the developing spores

Meaning of Family hostaceae

family hostaceae means: one of many families or subfamilies into which some classification systems subdivide the Liliaceae but not widely accepted; includes genus Hosta

Meaning of Genus ricinus

genus ricinus means: a genus of herb having only one known species: castor-oil plant

Meaning of Genus spinacia

genus spinacia means: spinach

Meaning of Habenaria orbiculata

habenaria orbiculata means: orchid having a raceme of large greenish-white flowers on a single flower stalk growing between two elliptic or round basal leaves lying on the ground; from northern Oregon and Montana across Canada to the eastern United States

Meaning of Henry morgan

henry morgan means: a Welsh buccaneer who raided Spanish colonies in the West Indies for the English (1635-1688)

Meaning of Homage

homage means: respectful deference

Meaning of Inflected

inflected means: showing alteration in form (especially by the addition of affixes)

Meaning of Inflected

inflected means: (of the voice) altered in tone or pitch

Meaning of Maya lin

maya lin means: United States sculptor and architect whose public works include the memorial to veterans of the Vietnam War in Washington (born in 1959)

Meaning of Motor region

motor region means: the cortical area that influences motor movements

Meaning of Otitis

otitis means: inflammation of the ear

Meaning of Pharaoh's chicken

pharaoh's chicken means: small mostly white vulture of Africa and southern Eurasia

Meaning of Scartella

scartella means: a genus of Blenniidae

Meaning of Somatogenetic

somatogenetic means: of or arising from physiological causes rather than being psychogenic in origin

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