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Meaning of Abampere

abampere means: a unit of current equal to 10 amperes

Meaning of Abasia trepidans

abasia trepidans means: abasia due to trembling of the legs

Meaning of Abbott lawrence lowell

abbott lawrence lowell means: United States educator and president of Harvard University (1856-1943)

Meaning of Abbreviate

abbreviate means: shorten

Meaning of Abbreviate

abbreviate means: reduce in scope while retaining essential elements

Meaning of Abbreviated

abbreviated means: (of clothing) very short

Meaning of Abbreviated

abbreviated means: cut short in duration

Meaning of Abbreviation

abbreviation means: shortening something by omitting parts of it

Meaning of Abbreviation

abbreviation means: a shortened form of a word or phrase

Meaning of Abbreviator

abbreviator means: one who shortens or abridges or condenses a written work

Meaning of American lady crab

american lady crab means: brightly spotted crab of sandy beaches of the Atlantic coast of the United States

Meaning of Apparatus urogenitalis

apparatus urogenitalis means: the system that includes all organs involved in reproduction and in the formation and voidance of urine

Meaning of Bouvier des flandres

bouvier des flandres means: rough-coated breed used originally in Belgium for herding and guarding cattle

Meaning of Card-playing

card-playing means: preoccupied with the pursuit of pleasure and especially games of chance

Meaning of Corneal

corneal means: of or related to the cornea

Meaning of Corsair

corsair means: a swift pirate ship (often operating with official sanction)

Meaning of Corsair

corsair means: a pirate along the Barbary Coast

Meaning of Daypro

daypro means: a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (trade name Daypro)

Meaning of Echeneis naucrates

echeneis naucrates means: remoras found attached to sharks

Meaning of Firmiana

firmiana means: small genus of Asian trees or shrubs

Meaning of Friesian

friesian means: a breed of dairy cattle from northern Holland

Meaning of Hooker's onion

hooker's onion means: a common North American wild onion with a strong onion odor and an umbel of pink flowers atop a leafless stalk; British Columbia to California and Arizona and east to Wyoming and Colorado

Meaning of Irresoluteness

irresoluteness means: the trait of being irresolute; lacking firmness of purpose

Meaning of Order malvales

order malvales means: Malvaceae; Bombacaceae; Elaeocarpaceae; Sterculiaceae; Tiliaceae

Meaning of Percale

percale means: a fine closely woven cotton fabric

Meaning of Primus

primus means: a portable paraffin cooking stove; used by campers

Meaning of Primus

primus means: the presiding bishop of the Episcopal Church of Scotland

Meaning of Shall-flower

shall-flower means: cultivated for its shining oblong leaves and arching clusters of white flowers with pink shading and crinkled yellow lips with variegated magenta stripes

Meaning of Thor hyerdahl

thor hyerdahl means: Norwegian anthropologist noted for his studies of cultural diffusion (1914-2002)

Meaning of Tormenter

tormenter means: a flat at each side of the stage to prevent the audience from seeing into the wings

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