Words containing plea

Meaning of Affirmative pleading

affirmative pleading means: any defensive pleading that affirms facts rather than merely denying the facts alleged by the plaintiff

Meaning of Alternative pleading

alternative pleading means: a pleading that alleges facts so separate that it is difficult to determine which facts the person intends to rely on

Meaning of Box pleat

box pleat means: a flat double pleat made by folding under the fabric on either side of it

Meaning of Counterplea

counterplea means: a plaintiff's reply to a defendant's plea

Meaning of Defective pleading

defective pleading means: any pleading that fails to conform in form or substance to minimum standards of accuracy or sufficiency

Meaning of Dilatory plea

dilatory plea means: a plea that delays the action without settling the cause of action; it can challenge the jurisdiction or claim disability of the defendant etc. (such defenses are usually raised in the defendant's answer)

Meaning of Displease

displease means: give displeasure to

Meaning of Displeased

displeased means: not pleased; experiencing or manifesting displeasure

Meaning of Displeasing

displeasing means: causing displeasure or lacking pleasing qualities

Meaning of Displeasingly

displeasingly means: in a displeasing manner

Meaning of Abstraction

abstraction means: a general concept formed by extracting common features from specific examples

Meaning of Abstraction

abstraction means: the act of withdrawing or removing something

Meaning of Abstraction

abstraction means: an abstract painting

Meaning of Abstraction

abstraction means: preoccupation with something to the exclusion of all else

Meaning of Abstraction

abstraction means: the process of formulating general concepts by abstracting common properties of instances

Meaning of Abstraction

abstraction means: a concept or idea not associated with any specific instance

Meaning of Air-drop

air-drop means: drop (an object) from the air; unload from a plane or helicopter

Meaning of Alger

alger means: United States author of inspirational adventure stories for boys; virtue and hard work overcome poverty (1832-1899)

Meaning of Baggage claim

baggage claim means: an area in an airport where arriving passengers can collect the luggage that has been carried in the hold of the aircraft

Meaning of Bullfinch

bullfinch means: common European finch mostly black and white with red throat and breast

Meaning of Bullfinch

bullfinch means: United States architect who designed the Capitol Building in Washington which served as a model for state capitols throughout the United States (1763-1844)

Meaning of Camel cavalry

camel cavalry means: a camel cavalry used in the early modern era by Arab, Afghan, Persian, and Indian armies

Meaning of Codling

codling means: young codfish

Meaning of Come to

come to means: return to consciousness

Meaning of Come to

come to means: cause to experience suddenly

Meaning of Come to

come to means: attain

Meaning of Come to

come to means: be relevant to

Meaning of Contradictoriness

contradictoriness means: the relation that exists when opposites cannot coexist

Meaning of Crabbiness

crabbiness means: a disposition to be ill-tempered

Meaning of Criterium

criterium means: a bicycle race held on a short course (usually less than 5 km or 3 miles)

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