Words containing ozeng

Meaning of Lozenge

lozenge means: a dose of medicine in the form of a small pellet

Meaning of Lozenge

lozenge means: a small aromatic or medicated candy

Meaning of Amiably

amiably means: in an affable manner

Meaning of Archness

archness means: inappropriate playfulness

Meaning of Counterpoint

counterpoint means: a musical form involving the simultaneous sound of two or more melodies

Meaning of Counterpoint

counterpoint means: write in counterpoint

Meaning of Counterpoint

counterpoint means: to show differences when compared; be different

Meaning of Enzyme

enzyme means: any of several complex proteins that are produced by cells and act as catalysts in specific biochemical reactions

Meaning of Family lauraceae

family lauraceae means: a family of Lauraceae

Meaning of Family mutillidae

family mutillidae means: a family of wasps

Meaning of Fractional currency

fractional currency means: paper currency in denominations less than the basic monetary unit

Meaning of Frontiersman

frontiersman means: a man who lives on the frontier

Meaning of Genus mesua

genus mesua means: genus of tropical Asiatic trees having large solitary flowers

Meaning of Graz

graz means: an industrial city is southeastern Austria

Meaning of Mesenteric

mesenteric means: of or relating to or located in a mesentery

Meaning of Military commission

military commission means: an official document issued by a government and conferring on the recipient the rank of an officer in the armed forces

Meaning of Nut pine

nut pine means: any of several pinons bearing edible nutlike seeds

Meaning of Prohibit

prohibit means: command against

Meaning of Red raspberry

red raspberry means: any of several raspberries bearing red fruit

Meaning of Shrink-wrapped software

shrink-wrapped software means: software on CD-ROMs that are boxed and shrink-wrapped and sold in stores (implying a widely supported standard platform)

Meaning of Swiftness

swiftness means: a rate (usually rapid) at which something happens

Meaning of Take part

take part means: share in something

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