Words containing osa

Meaning of Apatosaurus excelsus

apatosaurus excelsus means: huge quadrupedal herbivorous dinosaur common in North America in the late Jurassic

Meaning of Apios tuberosa

apios tuberosa means: a North American vine with fragrant blossoms and edible tubers; important food crop of Native Americans

Meaning of Apocynum androsaemifolium

apocynum androsaemifolium means: North American perennial having pinkish flowers in loose cymes; used in folk medicine for pain or inflammation in joints

Meaning of Appaloosa

appaloosa means: a hardy breed of saddle horse developed in western North America and characteristically having a spotted rump

Meaning of Apposable

apposable means: capable of being placed opposite to something

Meaning of Aralia racemosa

aralia racemosa means: unarmed woody rhizomatous perennial plant distinguished from wild sarsaparilla by more aromatic roots and panicled umbels; southeastern North America to Mexico

Meaning of Aralia spinosa

aralia spinosa means: small deciduous clump-forming tree or shrub of eastern United States

Meaning of Archosargus

archosargus means: a genus of Sparidae

Meaning of Archosargus probatocephalus

archosargus probatocephalus means: large (up to 20 lbs) food fish of the eastern coast of the United States and Mexico

Meaning of Archosargus rhomboidalis

archosargus rhomboidalis means: sea bream of warm Atlantic waters

Meaning of Airhead

airhead means: a bridgehead seized by airborne troops

Meaning of Airhead

airhead means: a flighty scatterbrained simpleton

Meaning of Alder

alder means: north temperate shrubs or trees having toothed leaves and conelike fruit; bark is used in tanning and dyeing and the wood is rot-resistant

Meaning of Alder

alder means: wood of any of various alder trees; resistant to underwater rot; used for bridges etc

Meaning of Burning

burning means: the act of burning something

Meaning of Burning

burning means: a form of torture in which cigarettes or cigars or other hot implements are used to burn the victim's skin

Meaning of Burning

burning means: execution by fire

Meaning of Burning

burning means: execution by electricity

Meaning of Burning

burning means: a process in which a substance reacts with oxygen to give heat and light

Meaning of Burning

burning means: pain that feels hot as if it were on fire

Meaning of Burning

burning means: of immediate import

Meaning of Carpet shark

carpet shark means: shark of the western Pacific with flattened body and mottled skin

Meaning of Chasidism

chasidism means: beliefs and practices of a sect of Orthodox Jews

Meaning of Council of basel-ferrara-florence

council of basel-ferrara-florence means: the council in 1431-1439 that concentrated on the elimination of heresies and on reforms within the Roman Catholic Church

Meaning of First estate

first estate means: the clergy in France and the heads of the church in Britain

Meaning of Hamamelid dicot genus

hamamelid dicot genus means: genus of mostly woody relatively primitive dicotyledonous flowering plants with flowers often unisexual and often borne in catkins

Meaning of Legging

legging means: a garment covering the leg (usually extending from the knee to the ankle)

Meaning of Locomotion

locomotion means: self-propelled movement

Meaning of Locomotion

locomotion means: the power or ability to move

Meaning of Militia

militia means: civilians trained as soldiers but not part of the regular army

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