Words containing oodi

Meaning of Bloodily

bloodily means: involving a great bloodshed

Meaning of Bloodiness

bloodiness means: a disposition to shed blood

Meaning of Bloodiness

bloodiness means: the state of being bloody

Meaning of Brooding

brooding means: persistent morbid meditation on a problem

Meaning of Brooding

brooding means: sitting on eggs so as to hatch them by the warmth of the body

Meaning of Brooding

brooding means: deeply or seriously thoughtful

Meaning of Doodia

doodia means: in some classification systems placed in family Polypodiaceae; small terrestrial colony-forming ferns of Australasia

Meaning of Doodia

doodia means: any fern of the genus Doodia having pinnate fronds with sharply dentate pinnae

Meaning of Flooding

flooding means: a technique used in behavior therapy; client is flooded with experiences of a particular kind until becoming either averse to them or numbed to them

Meaning of Foodie

foodie means: a person devoted to refined sensuous enjoyment (especially good food and drink)

Meaning of Bespot

bespot means: mark with, or as if with, spots

Meaning of Cylindrical lining

cylindrical lining means: a cylindrical metal lining used to reduce friction

Meaning of Double bass

double bass means: largest and lowest member of the violin family

Meaning of Embrangle

embrangle means: make more complicated or confused through entanglements

Meaning of Field-emission microscope

field-emission microscope means: electron microscope used to observe the surface structure of a solid

Meaning of Grass pink

grass pink means: European pink cultivated for its very fragrant pink or rosy flowers

Meaning of Grass pink

grass pink means: an orchid

Meaning of Home-fried potatoes

home-fried potatoes means: sliced pieces of potato fried in a pan until brown and crisp

Meaning of Jonas edward salk

jonas edward salk means: United States virologist who developed the Salk vaccine that is injected against poliomyelitis (born 1914)

Meaning of Kraal

kraal means: a pen for livestock in southern Africa

Meaning of Kraal

kraal means: a village of huts for native Africans in southern Africa; usually surrounded by a stockade

Meaning of Ku klux klan

ku klux klan means: a secret society of white Southerners in the United States; was formed in the 19th century to resist the emancipation of slaves; used terrorist tactics to suppress Black people

Meaning of Maalox

maalox means: an antacid

Meaning of Masking piece

masking piece means: scenery used to block the audience's view of parts of the stage that should not be seen

Meaning of Medicago echinus

medicago echinus means: an annual of the Mediterranean area having spiny seed pods and leaves with dark spots

Meaning of Pipa americana

pipa americana means: a South American toad; incubates its young in pits in the skin of its back

Meaning of Rosewood tree

rosewood tree means: any of those hardwood trees of the genus Dalbergia that yield rosewood--valuable cabinet woods of a dark red or purplish color streaked and variegated with black

Meaning of Sc

sc means: a permanent council of the United Nations; responsible for preserving world peace

Meaning of Sc

sc means: a state in the Deep South; one of the original 13 colonies

Meaning of Sc

sc means: a white trivalent metallic element; sometimes classified in the rare earth group; occurs in the Scandinavian mineral thortveitite

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