Words containing nto

Meaning of Accentor

accentor means: small sparrow-like songbird of mountainous regions of Eurasia

Meaning of Agkistrodon contortrix

agkistrodon contortrix means: common coppery brown pit viper of upland eastern United States

Meaning of Agrigento

agrigento means: a town in Italy in southwestern Sicily near the coast; the site of six Greek temples

Meaning of Allantoic

allantoic means: relating to or characterized by an allantois

Meaning of Allantoid

allantoid means: shaped like a sausage

Meaning of Allantois

allantois means: the vascular fetal membrane that lies below the chorion and develops from the hindgut in many embryonic higher vertebrates (reptiles, birds and mammals)

Meaning of Allentown

allentown means: a city in eastern Pennsylvania; an industrial and commercial center

Meaning of Andrew's clintonia

andrew's clintonia means: plant with nearly leafless stalk topped by a cluster of red or reddish lavender flowers; California to Oregon

Meaning of Anthony charles lynton blair

anthony charles lynton blair means: British statesman who became prime minister in 1997 (born in 1953)

Meaning of Antofagasta

antofagasta means: a port city on the Pacific in northern Chile

Meaning of Aphagia

aphagia means: loss of the ability to swallow

Meaning of Bullhead

bullhead means: any of several common freshwater catfishes of the United States

Meaning of Bullhead

bullhead means: freshwater sculpin with a large flattened bony-plated head with hornlike spines

Meaning of Caricaturist

caricaturist means: someone who parodies in an exaggerated manner

Meaning of Child molester

child molester means: a man who has sex (usually sodomy) with a boy as the passive partner

Meaning of Democratise

democratise means: introduce democratic reforms; of nations

Meaning of Democratise

democratise means: become (more) democratic; of nations

Meaning of Donut

donut means: a small ring-shaped friedcake

Meaning of Flat file

flat file means: a file with two flat surfaces

Meaning of Horse nettle

horse nettle means: coarse prickly weed having pale yellow flowers and yellow berrylike fruit; common throughout southern and eastern United States

Meaning of Just as

just as means: at the same time as

Meaning of Leal

leal means: faithful and true

Meaning of No-goal

no-goal means: a nonexistent goal

Meaning of Nonturbulent

nonturbulent means: (of a liquid) not turbulent

Meaning of Norgestrel

norgestrel means: synthetic progestin used in oral contraceptives

Meaning of Saxophonist

saxophonist means: a musician who plays the saxophone

Meaning of Seine

seine means: a large fishnet that hangs vertically, with floats at the top and weights at the bottom

Meaning of Seine

seine means: a French river that flows through the heart of Paris and then northward into the English Channel

Meaning of Seine

seine means: fish with a seine; catch fish with a seine

Meaning of Shed

shed means: an outbuilding with a single story; used for shelter or storage

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