Words containing mia

Meaning of Abetalipoproteinemia

abetalipoproteinemia means: a rare inherited disorder of fat metabolism; characterized by severe deficiency of beta-lipoproteins and abnormal red blood cells (acanthocytes) and abnormally low cholesterol levels

Meaning of Academia

academia means: the academic world

Meaning of Accessory hemiazygos vein

accessory hemiazygos vein means: a vein formed by the union of the 4th to 7th posterior intercostal veins; empties into the azygos vein

Meaning of Accessory hemiazygous vein

accessory hemiazygous vein means: a vein formed by the union of the 4th to 7th posterior intercostal veins; empties into the azygos vein

Meaning of Acetonemia

acetonemia means: an abnormal increase of ketone bodies in the blood as in diabetes mellitus

Meaning of Achromia

achromia means: an absence of normal pigmentation especially in the skin (as in albinism) or in red blood cells

Meaning of Acidemia

acidemia means: a blood disorder characterized by an increased concentration of hydrogen ions in the blood (which falls below 7 on the pH scale)

Meaning of Acrocomia

acrocomia means: Central and South American feather palms

Meaning of Acrocomia aculeata

acrocomia aculeata means: tropical American feather palm having a swollen spiny trunk and edible nuts

Meaning of Acrocomia vinifera

acrocomia vinifera means: tropical American palm having edible nuts and yielding a useful fiber

Meaning of Araceous

araceous means: relating to a plant of the family Araceae

Meaning of Blowjob

blowjob means: slang for fellatio

Meaning of Bungalow

bungalow means: a small house with a single story

Meaning of Cagney

cagney means: United States film actor known for his portrayals of tough characters (1899-1986)

Meaning of Chief financial officer

chief financial officer means: the corporate executive having financial authority to make appropriations and authorize expenditures for a firm

Meaning of Diddlysquat

diddlysquat means: a small worthless amount

Meaning of End-rhymed

end-rhymed means: rhymed on the terminal syllables of the verses

Meaning of Inadequate

inadequate means: lacking the requisite qualities or resources to meet a task

Meaning of Inadequate

inadequate means: of insufficient quantity to meet a need

Meaning of Levallorphan

levallorphan means: drug (trade name Lorfan) that is related to morphine but that counteracts the respiratory depression produced by morphine poisoning but without affecting its analgesic effects

Meaning of Meleagris

meleagris means: type genus of the Meleagrididae: wild and domestic turkeys

Meaning of Nakuru

nakuru means: a city in western Kenya; commercial center of an agricultural region

Meaning of Pea jacket

pea jacket means: a sailor's heavy woolen double-breasted jacket

Meaning of Permian period

permian period means: from 280 million to 230 million years ago; reptiles

Meaning of Rose leek

rose leek means: North American bulbous plant

Meaning of San fernando valley

san fernando valley means: a fertile valley in southern California to the north of Los Angeles; includes many residential communities

Meaning of Sensory deprivation

sensory deprivation means: a form of psychological torture inflicted by depriving the victim of all sensory input

Meaning of Sir clive marles sinclair

sir clive marles sinclair means: English electrical engineer who founded a company that introduced many innovative products (born in 1940)

Meaning of Small-cap

small-cap means: of stocks of companies with a market capitalization of less than one billion dollars

Meaning of Stuart

stuart means: the royal family that ruled Scotland from 1371-1714 and ruled England from 1603 to 1649 and again from 1660 to 1714

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