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Meaning of Abbott lawrence lowell

abbott lawrence lowell means: United States educator and president of Harvard University (1856-1943)

Meaning of Alpine sunflower

alpine sunflower means: whitish hairy plant with featherlike leaves and a few stout stems each bearing an especially handsome solitary large yellow flower head; mountainous regions north central United States

Meaning of American pasqueflower

american pasqueflower means: short hairy perennial with early spring blue-violet or lilac flowers; North America and Siberia

Meaning of American twinflower

american twinflower means: similar to the twinflower of northern Europe and Asia

Meaning of Amy lowell

amy lowell means: United States poet (1874-1925)

Meaning of Apetalous flower

apetalous flower means: flower having no petals

Meaning of Artificial flower

artificial flower means: a handmade imitation of a blossom

Meaning of At a lower place

at a lower place means: in or to a place that is lower

Meaning of Autumn-flowering

autumn-flowering means: of plants that bloom during the autumn

Meaning of Balloon flower

balloon flower means: fragrant puffed-up white to reddish-pink flowers in long narrow clusters on erect stems; Arizona to New Mexico and Utah

Meaning of Astronomy

astronomy means: the branch of physics that studies celestial bodies and the universe as a whole

Meaning of Baldly

baldly means: in a bald manner

Meaning of Calyculus

calyculus means: a small cup-shaped structure (as a taste bud or optic cup or cavity of a coral containing a polyp)

Meaning of Calyculus

calyculus means: a group of bracts simulating a calyx as in a carnation or hibiscus

Meaning of Chrome green

chrome green means: a brilliant green color

Meaning of Chrome green

chrome green means: any of a class of green pigments consisting of chrome yellow and iron blue

Meaning of Defense secretary

defense secretary means: the position of the head of the Department of Defense

Meaning of Defense secretary

defense secretary means: the person who holds the secretaryship of the Defense Department

Meaning of Eugenio pacelli

eugenio pacelli means: pope who maintained neutrality during World War II and was later criticized for not aiding the Jews who were persecuted by Hitler (1876-1958)

Meaning of Expiry

expiry means: the event of dying or departure from life

Meaning of Expiry

expiry means: a coming to an end of a contract period

Meaning of Family gavialidae

family gavialidae means: gavials

Meaning of Flannel cake

flannel cake means: a flat cake of thin batter fried on both sides on a griddle

Meaning of Haemophile

haemophile means: someone who has hemophilia and is subject to uncontrollable bleeding

Meaning of Intensifying

intensifying means: increasing in strength or intensity

Meaning of Internment camp

internment camp means: a camp for prisoners of war

Meaning of Inweave

inweave means: weave together into a fabric or design

Meaning of Mediety

mediety means: one of two (approximately) equal parts

Meaning of Mental deficiency

mental deficiency means: mild mental retardation

Meaning of Opus

opus means: a musical work that has been created

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