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Meaning of Birch beer

birch beer means: carbonated drink containing an extract from bark of birch trees

Meaning of Bronx cheer

bronx cheer means: a cry or noise made to express displeasure or contempt

Meaning of Broomrape family

broomrape family means: brown or yellow leafless herbs; sometimes placed in the order Scrophulariales

Meaning of Comptonia

comptonia means: one species: sweet fern

Meaning of Draft animal

draft animal means: an animal used for pulling heavy loads

Meaning of Fascism

fascism means: a political theory advocating an authoritarian hierarchical government (as opposed to democracy or liberalism)

Meaning of Gentlemanly

gentlemanly means: befitting a man of good breeding

Meaning of Genus calliandra

genus calliandra means: genus of pinnate-leaved shrubs and small trees of tropical and subtropical North and South America and India and West Africa

Meaning of Headfirst

headfirst means: with the head foremost

Meaning of Headfirst

headfirst means: with the head foremost

Meaning of Hypotonicity

hypotonicity means: (of muscular tissue) the state of being hypotonic

Meaning of Hypotonicity

hypotonicity means: (of a solution) the extent to which a solution has a lower osmotic pressure than some other

Meaning of Islets of langerhans

islets of langerhans means: cell clusters in the pancreas that form the endocrine part of that organ; secrete insulin and other hormones

Meaning of Jingoist

jingoist means: an extreme bellicose nationalist

Meaning of Kaffir cat

kaffir cat means: widely distributed wildcat of Africa and Asia Minor

Meaning of Lightly armoured

lightly armoured means: equipped with armor heavy enough to provide protection against fire from light arms

Meaning of Milk punch

milk punch means: a punch made of spirits and milk and sugar and spices

Meaning of Pewter

pewter means: any of various alloys of tin with small amounts of other metals (especially lead)

Meaning of Podargidae

podargidae means: frogmouths

Meaning of Poor

poor means: people without possessions or wealth (considered as a group)

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