Words containing ldo

Meaning of Ralph waldo emerson

ralph waldo emerson means: United States writer and leading exponent of transcendentalism (1803-1882)

Meaning of Republic of moldova

republic of moldova means: a landlocked republic in eastern Europe; formerly a European soviet but achieved independence in 1991

Meaning of Seldom

seldom means: not often

Meaning of Spelldown

spelldown means: a contest in which you are eliminated if you fail to spell a word correctly

Meaning of Thraldom

thraldom means: the state of being under the control of another person

Meaning of Thralldom

thralldom means: the state of being under the control of another person

Meaning of Valdosta

valdosta means: a town in southern Georgia near the Florida border

Meaning of Waldorf salad

waldorf salad means: typically made of apples and celery with nuts or raisins and dressed with mayonnaise

Meaning of Awe

awe means: an overwhelming feeling of wonder or admiration

Meaning of Awe

awe means: a feeling of profound respect for someone or something

Meaning of Awe

awe means: inspire awe in

Meaning of Basilican

basilican means: of or relating to or resembling a basilica

Meaning of Bonnily

bonnily means: in a bonny manner

Meaning of Cervus

cervus means: the type genus of the Cervidae

Meaning of Curcuma domestica

curcuma domestica means: widely cultivated tropical plant of India having yellow flowers and a large aromatic deep yellow rhizome; source of a condiment and a yellow dye

Meaning of Down town

down town means: the center of a city

Meaning of Dwindling away

dwindling away means: a becoming gradually less

Meaning of Factory ship

factory ship means: a whaling ship equipped to process whale products at sea

Meaning of Family fistulinaceae

family fistulinaceae means: a family of fungi closely related to the family Polyporaceae except that the tubes on the undersurface of the cap are separate from each other

Meaning of Footage

footage means: film that has been shot

Meaning of Footage

footage means: a rate of charging by the linear foot of work done

Meaning of Gnosis

gnosis means: intuitive knowledge of spiritual truths; said to have been possessed by ancient Gnostics

Meaning of Harold kroto

harold kroto means: British chemist who with Robert Curl and Richard Smalley discovered fullerenes and opened a new branch of chemistry (born in 1939)

Meaning of Kunlun

kunlun means: a mountain range in western China that extends eastward from the Indian border for 1000 miles

Meaning of Mouse deer

mouse deer means: very small hornless deer-like ruminant of tropical Asia and west Africa

Meaning of Oriental garlic

oriental garlic means: a plant of eastern Asia; larger than Allium schoenoprasum

Meaning of Scallion

scallion means: a young onion before the bulb has enlarged; eaten in salads

Meaning of Scallion

scallion means: plant having a large slender white bulb and flat overlapping dark green leaves; used in cooking; believed derived from the wild Allium ampeloprasum

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