Words containing latiosynovialis

Meaning of Anti-g suit

anti-g suit means: pressure suit worn by fliers and astronauts to counteract the forces of gravity and acceleration

Meaning of Arches national park

arches national park means: a national park in Utah including mountains and the Colorado River gorge and huge rock formations caused by erosion

Meaning of Bipedal

bipedal means: having two feet

Meaning of Clinopodium grandiflorum

clinopodium grandiflorum means: aromatic herb with large pink flowers; southern and southeastern Europe; Anatolia; northern Iran

Meaning of Closer

closer means: (baseball) a relief pitcher who can protect a lead in the last inning or two of the game

Meaning of Closer

closer means: a person who closes something

Meaning of Closer

closer means: (comparative of `near' or `close') within a shorter distance

Meaning of Cyperaceae

cyperaceae means: bulrush; chufa; cotton grass; papyrus; umbrella plant

Meaning of Genus galago

genus galago means: bush babies

Meaning of Handies peak

handies peak means: a mountain peak in the San Juan Mountains in southwestern Colorado (14,048 feet high)

Meaning of Imply

imply means: express or state indirectly

Meaning of Imply

imply means: suggest as a logically necessary consequence; in logic

Meaning of Imply

imply means: have as a logical consequence

Meaning of Imply

imply means: have as a necessary feature

Meaning of Imply

imply means: suggest that someone is guilty

Meaning of Located

located means: situated in a particular spot or position

Meaning of Luzon

luzon means: the main island of the Philippines

Meaning of Microbat

microbat means: typically having large ears and feeding primarily on insects; worldwide in distribution

Meaning of Milksop

milksop means: a timid man or boy considered childish or unassertive

Meaning of Name part

name part means: the role of the character after whom the play is named

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