Words containing iness

Meaning of Agribusiness

agribusiness means: a large-scale farming enterprise

Meaning of Airiness

airiness means: lightness in movement or manner

Meaning of Airiness

airiness means: the property of something weightless and insubstantial

Meaning of Airiness

airiness means: the property of something spacious and abounding in fresh air

Meaning of Airline business

airline business means: a commercial enterprise that provides scheduled flights for passengers

Meaning of Airworthiness

airworthiness means: fitness to fly

Meaning of Aluminum business

aluminum business means: manufacturers of aluminum considered as a group

Meaning of Angriness

angriness means: the state of being angry

Meaning of Arbitrariness

arbitrariness means: the trait of acting unpredictably and more from whim or caprice than from reason or judgment

Meaning of Balkiness

balkiness means: likely to stop abruptly and unexpectedly

Meaning of Biocatalyst

biocatalyst means: a biochemical catalyst such as an enzyme

Meaning of Boolean algebra

boolean algebra means: a system of symbolic logic devised by George Boole; used in computers

Meaning of Cash in

cash in means: exchange for cash

Meaning of Cd4 t cell

cd4 t cell means: T cell with CD4 receptor that recognizes antigens on the surface of a virus-infected cell and secretes lymphokines that stimulate B cells and killer T cells; helper T cells are infected and killed by the AIDS virus

Meaning of Co-optation

co-optation means: the act of appointing summarily (with or without the appointee's consent)

Meaning of Co-optation

co-optation means: the selection of a new member (usually by a vote of the existing membership)

Meaning of Genus porcellio

genus porcellio means: Old World genus of isopod crustaceans

Meaning of Hit squad

hit squad means: a team of assassins

Meaning of Honduran monetary unit

honduran monetary unit means: monetary unit in Honduras

Meaning of Hope chest

hope chest means: chest for storage of clothing (trousseau) and household goods in anticipation of marriage

Meaning of Laryngoscope

laryngoscope means: a medical instrument for examining the larynx

Meaning of Lesser yellow trefoil

lesser yellow trefoil means: clover native to Ireland with yellowish flowers; often considered the true or original shamrock

Meaning of New mexican

new mexican means: a native or resident of New Mexico

Meaning of Newfoundland

newfoundland means: a breed of very large heavy dogs with a thick coarse usually black coat; highly intelligent dogs and vigorous swimmers; developed in Newfoundland

Meaning of Newfoundland

newfoundland means: an island in the north Atlantic

Meaning of Order sirenia

order sirenia means: an animal order including: manatees; dugongs; Steller's sea cow

Meaning of Order zygnematales

order zygnematales means: pond scums; desmids

Meaning of Packaging concern

packaging concern means: a company that packages goods for sale or shipment or storage

Meaning of Peach state

peach state means: a state in southeastern United States; one of the Confederate states during the American Civil War

Meaning of Ray of light

ray of light means: a column of light (as from a beacon)

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