Words containing indigent

Meaning of Indigent

indigent means: poor enough to need help from others

Meaning of Autacoidal

autacoidal means: of or relating to an autacoid

Meaning of Bermuda cedar

bermuda cedar means: ornamental densely pyramidal juniper of Bermuda; fairly large for a juniper

Meaning of Campana

campana means: the shape of a bell

Meaning of Chlamydomonas

chlamydomonas means: type genus of the Chlamydomonadaceae; solitary doubly-flagellated plant-like algae common in fresh water and damp soil; multiply freely; often a pest around filtration plants

Meaning of Demobilize

demobilize means: retire from military service

Meaning of Demobilize

demobilize means: release from military service or remove from the active list of military service

Meaning of Evacuate

evacuate means: excrete or discharge from the body

Meaning of Evacuate

evacuate means: empty completely

Meaning of Evacuate

evacuate means: create a vacuum in (a bulb, flask, reaction vessel)

Meaning of Evacuate

evacuate means: move out of an unsafe location into safety

Meaning of Evacuate

evacuate means: move people from their homes or country

Meaning of Granville wilt

granville wilt means: a bacterial wilt of tobacco plants

Meaning of Holy land

holy land means: an ancient country in southwestern Asia on the east coast of the Mediterranean Sea; a place of pilgrimage for Christianity and Islam and Judaism

Meaning of Leadplant

leadplant means: shrub of sandy woodlands and stream banks of western United States having hoary pinnate flowers and dull-colored racemose flowers; thought to indicate the presence of lead ore

Meaning of Linecut

linecut means: engraving consisting of a block that has been etched or engraved

Meaning of Linecut

linecut means: a print obtained from a line drawing

Meaning of Maghreb

maghreb means: the region of northwest Africa comprising the Atlas Mountains and the coastlands of Morocco and Algeria and Tunisia

Meaning of Pipe clamp

pipe clamp means: a clamp for holding pipe that is to be cut or threaded

Meaning of Pressurized water reactor

pressurized water reactor means: a nuclear reactor that uses water as a coolant and moderator; the steam produced can drive a steam turbine

Meaning of Sceptical

sceptical means: denying or questioning the tenets of especially a religion

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