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Meaning of 2-dimensional

2-dimensional means: lacking the expected range or depth; not designed to give an illusion or depth

Meaning of 3-dimensional

3-dimensional means: involving or relating to three dimensions or aspects; giving the illusion of depth

Meaning of 4-dimensional

4-dimensional means: involving or relating to the fourth dimension or time

Meaning of A hundred times

a hundred times means: by a factor of one hundred

Meaning of A million times

a million times means: by a factor of a million

Meaning of Access time

access time means: (computer science) the interval between the time data is requested by the system and the time the data is provided by the drive

Meaning of Accompaniment

accompaniment means: the act of accompanying someone or something in order to protect them

Meaning of Accompaniment

accompaniment means: something added to complete or embellish or make perfect

Meaning of Accompaniment

accompaniment means: a musical part (vocal or instrumental) that supports or provides background for other musical parts

Meaning of Accompaniment

accompaniment means: an event or situation that happens at the same time as or in connection with another

Meaning of Aelius donatus

aelius donatus means: Roman grammarian whose textbook on Latin grammar was used throughout the Middle Ages (fourth century)

Meaning of Aigina

aigina means: an island in the Aegean Sea in the Saronic Gulf

Meaning of Altissimo

altissimo means: very high

Meaning of Baron d'holbach

baron d'holbach means: French philosopher (born in Germany) famous as being one of the first self-described atheists in Europe

Meaning of Cuddlesome

cuddlesome means: inviting cuddling or hugging

Meaning of Cycloid

cycloid means: a line generated by a point on a circle rolling along a straight line

Meaning of Cycloid

cycloid means: resembling a circle

Meaning of Dendroica auduboni

dendroica auduboni means: common warbler of western North America

Meaning of Department of defense

department of defense means: the federal department responsible for safeguarding national security of the United States; created in 1947

Meaning of Electronic balance

electronic balance means: a balance that generates a current proportional to the displacement of the pan

Meaning of Fedora

fedora means: a hat made of felt with a creased crown

Meaning of Fingerflower

fingerflower means: tall leafy European biennial or perennial having spectacular clusters of large tubular pink-purple flowers; leaves yield drug digitalis and are poisonous to livestock

Meaning of Frame of mind

frame of mind means: a temporary psychological state

Meaning of Gioacchino pecci

gioacchino pecci means: Italian pope from 1878 to 1903 who was interested in the advancement of learning and who opened the Vatican secret archives to all scholars

Meaning of Jackanapes

jackanapes means: someone who is unimportant but cheeky and presumptuous

Meaning of Kenneth roberts

kenneth roberts means: United States writer remembered for his historical novels about colonial America (1885-1957)

Meaning of Lupus vulgaris

lupus vulgaris means: tuberculosis of the skin; appears first on the face and heals slowly leaving deep scars

Meaning of Mary godwin wollstonecraft shelley

mary godwin wollstonecraft shelley means: English writer who created Frankenstein's monster and married Percy Bysshe Shelley (1797-1851)

Meaning of Multiplied

multiplied means: greatly increased as by multiplication

Meaning of Round out

round out means: make round

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