Words containing iceskati

Meaning of Collaborative

collaborative means: accomplished by collaboration

Meaning of Correlativity

correlativity means: a reciprocal relation between two or more things

Meaning of Demythologise

demythologise means: remove the mythical element from (writings)

Meaning of Family pomatomidae

family pomatomidae means: food and game fishes related to pompanos

Meaning of Granule

granule means: a tiny grain

Meaning of Hemiacetal

hemiacetal means: an organic compound usually formed as an intermediate product in the preparation of acetals from aldehydes or ketones

Meaning of Husband-wife privilege

husband-wife privilege means: neither spouse can divulge confidential communications from the other while they were married

Meaning of Lamia

lamia means: (folklore) a corpse that rises at night to drink the blood of the living

Meaning of Monetarist

monetarist means: an advocate of the theory that economic fluctuations are caused by increases or decreases in the supply of money

Meaning of Perth

perth means: the state capital of Western Australia

Meaning of Philter

philter means: a drink credited with magical power; can make the one who takes it love the one who gave it

Meaning of Phlox family

phlox family means: a widely distributed family of chiefly herbaceous plants of the order Polemoniales; often have showy flowers

Meaning of Point of honor

point of honor means: a concern that seriously reflects on your honor

Meaning of Red rockfish

red rockfish means: a large fish of the Pacific coast of North America

Meaning of Red rockfish

red rockfish means: red flesh of large food fish of Pacific coast

Meaning of Right gastric artery

right gastric artery means: a branch of the hepatic artery that supplies the pyloric portion of the stomach on the lesser curvature

Meaning of Scatter

scatter means: the act of scattering

Meaning of Scatter

scatter means: a haphazard distribution in all directions

Meaning of Scatter

scatter means: cause to separate

Meaning of Scatter

scatter means: distribute loosely

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