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Meaning of Adrian

adrian means: English physiologist who conducted research into the function of neurons; 1st baron of Cambridge (1889-1997)

Meaning of Adrian

adrian means: Roman Emperor who was the adoptive son of Trajan; travelled throughout his empire to strengthen its frontiers and encourage learning and architecture; on a visit to Britain in 122 he ordered the construction of Hadrian's Wall (76-138)

Meaning of Baked potato

baked potato means: potato that has been cooked by baking it in an oven

Meaning of Bald-faced hornet

bald-faced hornet means: North American hornet

Meaning of Butyl rubber

butyl rubber means: synthetic rubber made by polymerizing isobutylene

Meaning of Camphor

camphor means: a resin obtained from the camphor tree; used in making celluloid and liniment

Meaning of Criterium

criterium means: a bicycle race held on a short course (usually less than 5 km or 3 miles)

Meaning of Diathesis

diathesis means: constitutional predisposition to a particular disease or abnormality

Meaning of Echium vulgare

echium vulgare means: a coarse prickly European weed with spikes of blue flowers; naturalized in United States

Meaning of Electric car

electric car means: a car that is powered by electricity

Meaning of First offender

first offender means: someone convicted for the first time

Meaning of Genus polygonum

genus polygonum means: diverse genus of herbs or woody subshrubs of north temperate regions

Meaning of Hairy wood mint

hairy wood mint means: a variety of wood mint

Meaning of Jim henson

jim henson means: United States puppeteer who created a troupe of puppet characters (1936-1990)

Meaning of Manufactured

manufactured means: produced in a large-scale industrial operation

Meaning of Muhammad

muhammad means: the Arab prophet who, according to Islam, was the last messenger of Allah (570-632)

Meaning of Muhammad

muhammad means: leader of Black Muslims who campaigned for independence for Black Americans (1897-1975)

Meaning of Proteles cristata

proteles cristata means: striped hyena of southeast Africa that feeds chiefly on insects

Meaning of Saints peter and paul

saints peter and paul means: first celebrated in the 3rd century

Meaning of Synergistically

synergistically means: (of drugs or muscles) in a synergistic or interactive manner

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