Words containing gentlemanli

Meaning of Gentlemanlike

gentlemanlike means: befitting a man of good breeding

Meaning of Ungentlemanlike

ungentlemanlike means: not befitting a gentleman

Meaning of 300

300 means: being one hundred more than two hundred

Meaning of Asthma

asthma means: respiratory disorder characterized by wheezing; usually of allergic origin

Meaning of Catalpa speciosa

catalpa speciosa means: catalpa tree of central United States

Meaning of Dog sled

dog sled means: a sled pulled by dogs

Meaning of Emu

emu means: large Australian flightless bird similar to the ostrich but smaller

Meaning of Emu

emu means: any of various systems of units for measuring electricity and magnetism

Meaning of Final examination

final examination means: an examination administered at the end of an academic term

Meaning of Genus bouteloua

genus bouteloua means: forage grasses

Meaning of Hold sway

hold sway means: be master; reign or rule

Meaning of Hot-rod

hot-rod means: a car modified to increase its speed and acceleration

Meaning of Macropodidae

macropodidae means: kangaroos; wallabies

Meaning of Marvel

marvel means: something that causes feelings of wonder

Meaning of Marvel

marvel means: be amazed at

Meaning of Marvel

marvel means: express astonishment or surprise about something

Meaning of Mesasamkranti

mesasamkranti means: Hindu solar holiday at the beginning of the new astrological year when the sun enters the constellation Aries

Meaning of Mud puddle

mud puddle means: a puddle of mud

Meaning of Pearl oyster

pearl oyster means: tropical marine bivalve found chiefly off eastern Asia and Pacific coast of North America and Central America; a major source of pearls

Meaning of Sailor's-choice

sailor's-choice means: a grunt found from Florida to Brazil and Gulf of Mexico

Meaning of Sailor's-choice

sailor's-choice means: similar to sea bream; small spiny-finned fish found in bays along the southeastern coast of the United States

Meaning of Spot welder

spot welder means: a welder who does spot welding

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