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Meaning of 1st earl of balfour

1st earl of balfour means: English statesman; member of the Conservative Party (1848-1930)

Meaning of A fortiori

a fortiori means: with greater reason; for a still stronger, more certain reason

Meaning of Abronia latifolia

abronia latifolia means: plant having hemispherical heads of yellow trumpet-shaped flowers; found in coastal dunes from California to British Columbia

Meaning of Acacia auriculiformis

acacia auriculiformis means: Australian tree that yields tanning materials

Meaning of Accessory before the fact

accessory before the fact means: a person who procures or advises or commands the commission of a felony but who is not present at its perpetration

Meaning of Accipitriformes

accipitriformes means: in some classifications an alternative name for the Falconiformes

Meaning of Account for

account for means: give reasons for

Meaning of Account for

account for means: be the reason or explanation for

Meaning of Acer negundo californicum

acer negundo californicum means: maple of the Pacific coast of the United States; fruits are white when mature

Meaning of Achillea millefolium

achillea millefolium means: ubiquitous strong-scented mat-forming Eurasian herb of wasteland, hedgerow or pasture having narrow serrate leaves and small usually white florets; widely naturalized in North America

Meaning of Airy

airy means: characterized by lightness and insubstantiality; as impalpable or intangible as air

Meaning of Airy

airy means: having little or no perceptible weight; so light as to resemble air

Meaning of Airy

airy means: not practical or realizable; speculative

Meaning of Airy

airy means: open to or abounding in fresh air

Meaning of Begonia family

begonia family means: monoecious succulent herbs or shrubs of tropical and warm regions especially America

Meaning of Canadian bacon

canadian bacon means: from a boned strip of cured loin

Meaning of Cartagena bark

cartagena bark means: Colombian tree; source of Cartagena bark (a cinchona bark)

Meaning of Chucker-out

chucker-out means: a person whose duty is to throw troublemakers out of a bar or public meeting

Meaning of Cosmologist

cosmologist means: an astronomer who studies the evolution and space-time relations of the universe

Meaning of Debt limit

debt limit means: the maximum borrowing power of a governmental entity

Meaning of Hallway

hallway means: an interior passage or corridor onto which rooms open

Meaning of Man-eater

man-eater means: large aggressive shark widespread in warm seas; known to attack humans

Meaning of Man-eater

man-eater means: a person who eats human flesh

Meaning of Measuring system

measuring system means: instrument that shows the extent or amount or quantity or degree of something

Meaning of Nan-chang

nan-chang means: a walled city in southeastern China on the Gan Jiang

Meaning of Nor'-nor'-west

nor'-nor'-west means: the compass point that is midway between north and northwest

Meaning of Nor'-nor'-west

nor'-nor'-west means: to, toward, or in the north-northwest

Meaning of Pip out

pip out means: be killed or die

Meaning of Pliers

pliers means: a gripping hand tool with two hinged arms and (usually) serrated jaws

Meaning of Rhinolaryngology

rhinolaryngology means: the medical specialty that deals with diseases of the ear, nose and throat

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