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Meaning of Auxiliary operation

auxiliary operation means: a operation performed by off-line equipment not under the control of the central processing unit

Meaning of Bass horn

bass horn means: the lowest brass wind instrument

Meaning of Blastodiaceae

blastodiaceae means: a family of saprobic fungi of order Blastocladiales

Meaning of Bleeding heart

bleeding heart means: someone who is excessively sympathetic toward those who claim to be exploited or underprivileged

Meaning of Bleeding heart

bleeding heart means: garden plant having deep-pink drooping heart-shaped flowers

Meaning of Canalis inguinalis

canalis inguinalis means: oblique passage through the lower abdominal wall; in males it is the passage through which the testes descend into the scrotum and it contains the spermatic cord; in females it transmits the round ligament of the uterus

Meaning of Congregational

congregational means: relating to or conducted or participated in by a congregation

Meaning of Congregational

congregational means: of or pertaining to or characteristic of a Congregational church

Meaning of Coronary thrombosis

coronary thrombosis means: obstruction of blood flow in a coronary artery by a blood clot (thrombus)

Meaning of Coropuna

coropuna means: a mountain peak in the Andes in Peru (21,083 feet high)

Meaning of Falanga

falanga means: a form of torture in which the soles of the feet are beaten with whips or cudgels

Meaning of Megacardia

megacardia means: an abnormal enlargement of the heart

Meaning of Mysophobic

mysophobic means: suffering from mysophobia; abnormally afraid of dirt or contamination

Meaning of Non-engagement

non-engagement means: withdrawing from the activities of a group

Meaning of Orchis papilionaceae

orchis papilionaceae means: Mediterranean orchid having usually purple flowers with a fan-shaped spotted or striped rose-red lip

Meaning of Pauli exclusion principle

pauli exclusion principle means: no two electrons or protons or neutrons in a given system can be in states characterized by the same set of quantum numbers

Meaning of Philia

philia means: a positive feeling of liking

Meaning of Seldom

seldom means: not often

Meaning of Tapenade

tapenade means: a spread consisting of capers and black olives and anchovies made into a puree with olive oil

Meaning of Technophobe

technophobe means: a person who dislikes or avoids new technology

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