Words containing entlemanlik

Meaning of Gentlemanlike

gentlemanlike means: befitting a man of good breeding

Meaning of Ungentlemanlike

ungentlemanlike means: not befitting a gentleman

Meaning of Actinopod

actinopod means: protozoa having stiff rodlike radiating pseudopods

Meaning of Alytes cisternasi

alytes cisternasi means: similar in habit to Alytes obstetricians

Meaning of Armillaria ponderosa

armillaria ponderosa means: a large white mushroom that develops brown stains as it ages; gills are white; odor is spicy and aromatic; collected commercially for oriental cooking the Pacific Northwest

Meaning of Arpeggio

arpeggio means: a chord whose notes are played in rapid succession rather than simultaneously

Meaning of Central africa

central africa means: a landlocked country in central Africa; formerly under French control; became independent in 1960

Meaning of Charina bottae

charina bottae means: boa of grasslands and woodlands of western North America; looks and feels like rubber with tail and head of similar shape

Meaning of Checkered lily

checkered lily means: any liliaceous plant of the genus Fritillaria having nodding variously colored flowers

Meaning of Contractility

contractility means: the capability or quality of shrinking or contracting, especially by muscle fibers and even some other forms of living matter

Meaning of Cornaceae

cornaceae means: a rosid dicot family of the order Umbellales including: genera Aucuba, Cornus, Corokia, Curtisia, Griselinia, Helwingia

Meaning of Genus dasyatis

genus dasyatis means: type genus of the Dasyatidae

Meaning of Genus psettichthys

genus psettichthys means: a genus of Soleidae

Meaning of Get married

get married means: take in marriage

Meaning of Maker

maker means: a business engaged in manufacturing some product

Meaning of Maker

maker means: terms referring to the Judeo-Christian God

Meaning of Maker

maker means: a person who makes things

Meaning of Muscicapa striata

muscicapa striata means: common European woodland flycatcher with greyish-brown plumage

Meaning of Proneness

proneness means: being disposed to do something

Meaning of Purpose-made

purpose-made means: designed and constructed to serve a particular purpose

Meaning of Scrabbly

scrabbly means: sparsely covered with stunted trees or vegetation and underbrush

Meaning of Stamp battery

stamp battery means: a series of stamps operated in one mortar for crushing ores

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