Words containing ellasin

Meaning of Altercation

altercation means: noisy quarrel

Meaning of Amethystine

amethystine means: containing or resembling amethyst

Meaning of Anomalous

anomalous means: deviating from the general or common order or type

Meaning of Associatory

associatory means: characterized by or causing or resulting from the process of bringing ideas or events together in memory or imagination

Meaning of Brown oak

brown oak means: large tree of Australasia

Meaning of Chamfer

chamfer means: two surfaces meeting at an angle different from 90 degrees

Meaning of Chamfer

chamfer means: cut a furrow into a columns

Meaning of Chamfer

chamfer means: cut a bevel on; shape to a bevel

Meaning of Custer's last stand

custer's last stand means: a battle in Montana near the Little Bighorn River between United States cavalry under Custer and several groups of Native Americans (1876); Custer was pursuing Sioux led by Sitting Bull; Custer underestimated the size of the Sioux forces (which were supported by Cheyenne warriors) and was killed along with all his command

Meaning of Cytoplast

cytoplast means: the intact cytoplasmic content of a cell

Meaning of Desiccated

desiccated means: lacking vitality or spirit; lifeless

Meaning of Desiccated

desiccated means: preserved by removing natural moisture

Meaning of Desiccated

desiccated means: thoroughly dried out

Meaning of Erlang

erlang means: a unit of traffic intensity in a telephone system

Meaning of Flashcard

flashcard means: a card with words or numbers or pictures that is flashed to a class by the teacher

Meaning of Fourpenny

fourpenny means: used of nail size; 1 3/8 in or 3.8 cm long

Meaning of Layout

layout means: the act of laying out (as by making plans for something)

Meaning of Layout

layout means: a plan or design of something that is laid out

Meaning of Lotus tetragonolobus

lotus tetragonolobus means: sprawling European annual having a 4-winged edible pod

Meaning of Low-interest

low-interest means: (used of loans) charging a relatively small percentage of the amount borrowed

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