Words containing dwel

Meaning of Bottom-dweller

bottom-dweller means: a fish that lives and feeds on the bottom of a body of water

Meaning of Bottom-dwelling

bottom-dwelling means: of or relating to fish and marine life that dwell on the bottom of a body of water

Meaning of Caldwell

caldwell means: United States author remembered for novels about poverty and degeneration (1903-1987)

Meaning of Cave dweller

cave dweller means: someone who lives in a cave

Meaning of Cliff dweller

cliff dweller means: a member of the Anasazi people living in the southwestern United States who built rock or adobe dwellings on ledges in the sides of caves

Meaning of Cliff dwelling

cliff dwelling means: a rock and adobe dwelling built on sheltered ledges in the sides of a cliff

Meaning of Common speedwell

common speedwell means: common hairy European perennial with pale blue or lilac flowers in axillary racemes

Meaning of Corn speedwell

corn speedwell means: erect or procumbent blue-flowered annual found in waste places of Europe and America

Meaning of Cottage dweller

cottage dweller means: someone who lives in a cottage

Meaning of Dwell

dwell means: think moodily or anxiously about something

Meaning of Biting midge

biting midge means: minute two-winged insect that sucks the blood of mammals and birds and other insects

Meaning of Capsula glomeruli

capsula glomeruli means: thin double membrane surrounding the glomerulus of a nephron

Meaning of Doorknob

doorknob means: a knob used to release the catch when opening a door (often called `doorhandle' in Great Britain)

Meaning of Drop zone

drop zone means: an agreed area where military supplies are dropped to ground troops

Meaning of Front yard

front yard means: the yard in front of a house; between the house and the street

Meaning of Genus packera

genus packera means: genus of American of east Asian perennial herbs with yellow to orange or red flower rays; sometimes included in genus Senecio

Meaning of Genus spirochaeta

genus spirochaeta means: the type genus of the family Spirochaetaceae; a bacterium that is flexible, undulating, and chiefly aquatic

Meaning of Head home

head home means: return home

Meaning of Huddler

huddler means: a person who crouches

Meaning of Huddler

huddler means: a member of a huddle

Meaning of In toto

in toto means: in entirety

Meaning of Mantell

mantell means: English geologist remembered as the first person to recognize that dinosaurs were reptiles (1790-1852)

Meaning of Metric hundredweight

metric hundredweight means: a unit of weight equal to 100 kilograms

Meaning of Out-of-door

out-of-door means: located, suited for, or taking place in the open air

Meaning of Philatelist

philatelist means: a collector and student of postage stamps

Meaning of Sanitary condition

sanitary condition means: the state of sanitation (clean or dirty)

Meaning of Scentless false camomile

scentless false camomile means: ubiquitous European annual weed with white flowers and finely divided leaves naturalized and sometimes cultivated in eastern North America; sometimes included in genus Matricaria

Meaning of Skein

skein means: coils of worsted yarn

Meaning of Typha angustifolia

typha angustifolia means: reed maces of America, Europe, North Africa, Asia

Meaning of Upheaval

upheaval means: disturbance usually in protest

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