Words containing dwe

Meaning of Bedwetter

bedwetter means: someone suffering from enuresis; someone who urinates while asleep in bed

Meaning of Bindweed

bindweed means: any of several vines of the genera Convolvulus and Calystegia having a twining habit

Meaning of Black bindweed

black bindweed means: common European twining vine with tuberous roots and cordate leaves and red berries

Meaning of Bottom-dweller

bottom-dweller means: a fish that lives and feeds on the bottom of a body of water

Meaning of Bottom-dwelling

bottom-dwelling means: of or relating to fish and marine life that dwell on the bottom of a body of water

Meaning of Caldwell

caldwell means: United States author remembered for novels about poverty and degeneration (1903-1987)

Meaning of Canadian pondweed

canadian pondweed means: North American waterweed; widely naturalized in Europe

Meaning of Cave dweller

cave dweller means: someone who lives in a cave

Meaning of Cliff dweller

cliff dweller means: a member of the Anasazi people living in the southwestern United States who built rock or adobe dwellings on ledges in the sides of caves

Meaning of Cliff dwelling

cliff dwelling means: a rock and adobe dwelling built on sheltered ledges in the sides of a cliff

Meaning of Attired

attired means: dressed or clothed especially in fine attire; often used in combination

Meaning of Barring

barring means: the act of excluding someone by a negative vote or veto

Meaning of Broadcast journalist

broadcast journalist means: a journalist who broadcasts on radio or television

Meaning of Busby

busby means: tall hat; worn by some British soldiers on ceremonial occasions

Meaning of Class structure

class structure means: the organization of classes within a society

Meaning of Conima

conima means: a gum resin from the poison hemlock, Conium maculatum

Meaning of Cyperus papyrus

cyperus papyrus means: tall sedge of the Nile valley yielding fiber that served many purposes in historic times

Meaning of Diapheromera femorata

diapheromera femorata means: a variety of stick insect

Meaning of Genus disa

genus disa means: genus of showy tropical African terrestrial orchids

Meaning of Great seal of the united states

great seal of the united states means: the seal of the United States government

Meaning of Highflyer

highflyer means: a person of great ability and ambition

Meaning of Honey berry

honey berry means: tropical American tree bearing a small edible fruit with green leathery skin and sweet juicy translucent pulp

Meaning of Lucrativeness

lucrativeness means: the quality of affording gain or benefit or profit

Meaning of Maiden aunt

maiden aunt means: an unmarried aunt

Meaning of Mohammedanism

mohammedanism means: the monotheistic religious system of Muslims founded in Arabia in the 7th century and based on the teachings of Muhammad as laid down in the Koran

Meaning of Panhysterectomy

panhysterectomy means: surgical removal of the uterus and the ovaries and oviducts and cervix and related lymph nodes

Meaning of Shortness

shortness means: an abrupt discourteous manner

Meaning of Shortness

shortness means: the property of being shorter than average stature

Meaning of Shortness

shortness means: the property of being of short temporal extent

Meaning of Shortness

shortness means: the property of being of short spatial extent

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