Words containing dc

Meaning of Cardcastle

cardcastle means: an unstable construction with playing cards

Meaning of Cdc

cdc means: a federal agency in the Department of Health and Human Services; located in Atlanta; investigates and diagnoses and tries to control or prevent diseases (especially new and unusual diseases)

Meaning of Childcare

childcare means: a service involving care for other people's children

Meaning of Coldcock

coldcock means: knock down with force

Meaning of Coldcream

coldcream means: a cream used cosmetically (mostly by women) for softening and cleaning the skin

Meaning of Dc

dc means: the district occupied entirely by the city of Washington; chosen by George Washington as the site of the capital of the United States and created out of land ceded by Maryland and Virginia

Meaning of Dc

dc means: an electric current that flows in one direction steadily

Meaning of Dccp

dccp means: an agency of the United Nations that promotes drug control and crime prevention

Meaning of Dci

dci means: the head of the United States Intelligence Community and director of the Central Intelligence Agency

Meaning of Ddc

ddc means: an antiviral drug used to combat HIV infection

Meaning of Aeciospore

aeciospore means: spore of a rust fungus formed in an aecium

Meaning of Birthday present

birthday present means: a present given in celebration of a person's birthday

Meaning of Capsulize

capsulize means: put in a short or concise form; reduce in volume

Meaning of Capsulize

capsulize means: enclose in a capsule

Meaning of Carica papaya

carica papaya means: tropical American shrub or small tree having huge deeply palmately cleft leaves and large oblong yellow fruit

Meaning of Changer

changer means: an automatic mechanical device on a record player that causes new records to be played without manual intervention

Meaning of Changer

changer means: a person who changes something

Meaning of Colbert

colbert means: butter creamed with parsley and tarragon and beef extract

Meaning of Compositeness

compositeness means: the property of being a composite number

Meaning of Dinner service

dinner service means: a table service for serving dinner

Meaning of Glomerular

glomerular means: of or relating to glomeruli

Meaning of Guided missile frigate

guided missile frigate means: a frigate that carries guided missiles

Meaning of Gwyn

gwyn means: Celtic underworld god

Meaning of Gyroscopic

gyroscopic means: having the characteristics of a gyroscope

Meaning of Hindfoot

hindfoot means: a rear foot of a quadruped

Meaning of Hollering

hollering means: a very loud utterance (like the sound of an animal)

Meaning of Indris

indris means: large short-tailed lemur of Madagascar having thick silky fur in black and white and fawn

Meaning of Larvacean

larvacean means: any member of the class Larvacea

Meaning of Lower-ranking

lower-ranking means: inferior in rank or status

Meaning of Rumor

rumor means: gossip (usually a mixture of truth and untruth) passed around by word of mouth

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