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Meaning of 'hood

'hood means: (slang) a neighborhood

Meaning of 'tween decks

'tween decks means: in the space between decks, on a ship

Meaning of 1 esdras

1 esdras means: an Apocryphal book consisting of a compilation from I Chronicles and II Chronicles and Ezra and Nehemiah

Meaning of 1-dodecanol

1-dodecanol means: a colorless insoluble solid alcohol used to make detergents and pharmaceuticals

Meaning of 10-membered

10-membered means: of a chemical compound having a ring with ten members

Meaning of 18-karat gold

18-karat gold means: an alloy that contains 75 per cent gold

Meaning of 1st earl baldwin of bewdley

1st earl baldwin of bewdley means: English statesman; member of the Conservative Party (1867-1947)

Meaning of 2 esdras

2 esdras means: an Apocryphal book of angelic revelations

Meaning of 2-dimensional

2-dimensional means: lacking the expected range or depth; not designed to give an illusion or depth

Meaning of 2-hydroxybenzoic acid

2-hydroxybenzoic acid means: a white crystalline substance with a bitter aftertaste; used as a fungicide or in making aspirin or dyes or perfumes

Meaning of Black art

black art means: the belief in magical spells that harness occult forces or evil spirits to produce unnatural effects in the world

Meaning of Bottle collection

bottle collection means: collecting bottles for reuse

Meaning of Bottle collection

bottle collection means: the activity of collecting bottles

Meaning of Bottle collection

bottle collection means: a collection of bottles

Meaning of Byproduct

byproduct means: a product made during the manufacture of something else

Meaning of Byproduct

byproduct means: a secondary and sometimes unexpected consequence

Meaning of Colubrid

colubrid means: mostly harmless temperate-to-tropical terrestrial or arboreal or aquatic snakes

Meaning of Genus corylus

genus corylus means: deciduous monoecious nut-bearing shrubs of small trees: hazel; sometimes placed in the subfamily or family Corylaceae

Meaning of Girondist

girondist means: a member of the moderate republican party that was in power during the French Revolution; the Girondists were overthrown by their more radical rivals the Jacobins

Meaning of Herd's grass

herd's grass means: grass with long cylindrical spikes grown in northern United States and Europe for hay

Meaning of Kc

kc means: one thousand periods per second

Meaning of Koala

koala means: sluggish tailless Australian arboreal marsupial with grey furry ears and coat; feeds on eucalyptus leaves and bark

Meaning of Myxobacterales

myxobacterales means: an order of higher bacteria

Meaning of Native beech

native beech means: tall Australian timber tree yielding tough hard wood used for staves etc

Meaning of Norse deity

norse deity means: a deity worshipped by the ancient Norsemen

Meaning of Performer

performer means: an entertainer who performs a dramatic or musical work for an audience

Meaning of Perversity

perversity means: deliberately deviating from what is good

Meaning of Perversity

perversity means: deliberate and stubborn unruliness and resistance to guidance or discipline

Meaning of Quercus prinoides

quercus prinoides means: deciduous shrubby tree of northeastern and central United States having a sweet edible nut and often forming dense thickets

Meaning of Rotisserie

rotisserie means: a restaurant that specializes in roasted and barbecued meats

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