Words containing cyanoci

Meaning of Cyanocitta

cyanocitta means: New World jays

Meaning of Cyanocitta cristata

cyanocitta cristata means: common jay of eastern North America; bright blue with grey breast

Meaning of Genus cyanocitta

genus cyanocitta means: New World jays

Meaning of Acorn cup

acorn cup means: cup-shaped structure of hardened bracts at the base of an acorn

Meaning of Appeal board

appeal board means: a board of officials that are not judicial but are appointed to hear appeals

Meaning of Augustinian hermits

augustinian hermits means: a monastic order of friars established in 1256 by the Pope

Meaning of Brighten

brighten means: make more cheerful through the use of color

Meaning of Brighten

brighten means: become clear

Meaning of Camp out

camp out means: live in or as if in a tent

Meaning of Exploratory

exploratory means: serving in or intended for exploration or discovery

Meaning of Flophouse

flophouse means: a cheap lodging house

Meaning of Fund-raising effort

fund-raising effort means: a campaign to raise money for some cause

Meaning of Genus strymon

genus strymon means: large and widely distributed genus of hairstreak butterflies

Meaning of Grand mal epilepsy

grand mal epilepsy means: epilepsy in which the attacks involve loss of consciousness and tonic spasms of the musculature followed by generalized jerking

Meaning of Ground cedar

ground cedar means: a procumbent variety of the common juniper

Meaning of Ground cedar

ground cedar means: a variety of club moss

Meaning of Harbor seal

harbor seal means: small spotted seal of coastal waters of the northern hemisphere

Meaning of Hela

hela means: (Norse mythology) goddess of the dead and queen of the underworld

Meaning of Ipomoea imperialis

ipomoea imperialis means: hybrid from Ipomoea nil

Meaning of Jewelled headdress

jewelled headdress means: a headdress adorned with jewels

Meaning of Letterset printing

letterset printing means: image is transferred from a relief type plate to a roller

Meaning of Local anaesthesia

local anaesthesia means: loss of sensation in a small area of the body (as when a local anesthetic is injected for a tooth extraction)

Meaning of Order dermoptera

order dermoptera means: flying lemurs

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