Words containing crawnines

Meaning of Addlebrained

addlebrained means: stupid and confused

Meaning of Allegorizer

allegorizer means: someone who communicates in allegories

Meaning of Anthropologist

anthropologist means: a social scientist who specializes in anthropology

Meaning of Bequest

bequest means: (law) a gift of personal property by will

Meaning of Common evening primrose

common evening primrose means: a coarse biennial of eastern North America with yellow flowers that open in the evening; naturalized in Europe

Meaning of Dustin hoffman

dustin hoffman means: versatile United States film actor (born in 1937)

Meaning of Eau claire

eau claire means: a town in west central Wisconsin

Meaning of Emerald isle

emerald isle means: an island comprising the republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland

Meaning of Field of study

field of study means: a branch of knowledge

Meaning of Flakey

flakey means: conspicuously or grossly unconventional or unusual

Meaning of Flakey

flakey means: made of or easily forming flakes

Meaning of Flakey

flakey means: made of or resembling flakes

Meaning of Fossa

fossa means: largest carnivore of Madagascar; intermediate in some respects between cats and civets

Meaning of Fossa

fossa means: monotypic genus of Madagascar civets closely related to palm civets

Meaning of Fossa

fossa means: a concavity in a surface (especially an anatomical depression)

Meaning of Joe louis

joe louis means: United States prizefighter who was world heavyweight champion for 12 years (1914-1981)

Meaning of Myrciaria cauliflora

myrciaria cauliflora means: small evergreen tropical tree native to Brazil and West Indies but introduced into southern United States; grown in Brazil for its edible tough-skinned purple grapelike fruit that grows all along the branches

Meaning of Nonsovereign

nonsovereign means: (of peoples and political bodies) controlled by outside forces

Meaning of Parvovirus

parvovirus means: any of a group of viruses containing DNA in an icosahedral protein shell and causing disease in dogs and cattle; not known to be associated with any human disease

Meaning of Rambotan

rambotan means: pleasantly acid bright red oval Malayan fruit covered with soft spines

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