Words containing con

Meaning of A. conan doyle

a. conan doyle means: British author who created Sherlock Holmes (1859-1930)

Meaning of Abbe condenser

abbe condenser means: a condenser having 2 or 3 lenses with wide aperture for use in microscopes

Meaning of Abies concolor

abies concolor means: medium to tall fir of central to western United States having a narrow erect crown and soft wood

Meaning of Abscond

abscond means: run away; usually includes taking something or somebody along

Meaning of Absconder

absconder means: a fugitive who runs away and hides to avoid arrest or prosecution

Meaning of Abscondment

abscondment means: the act of running away secretly (as to avoid arrest)

Meaning of Aconcagua

aconcagua means: the highest mountain in the western hemisphere; located in the Andes in western Argentina (22,834 feet high)

Meaning of Aconite

aconite means: any of various usually poisonous plants of the genus Aconitum having tuberous roots and palmately lobed leaves and blue or white flowers

Meaning of Aconitum

aconitum means: genus of poisonous plants of temperate regions of northern hemisphere with a vaulted and enlarged petal

Meaning of Aconitum lycoctonum

aconitum lycoctonum means: poisonous Eurasian perennial herb with broad rounded leaves and yellow flowers and fibrous rootstock

Meaning of Bi-fold door

bi-fold door means: an interior door

Meaning of Coach station

coach station means: a terminal that serves bus passengers

Meaning of Cutlery

cutlery means: tableware implements for cutting and eating food

Meaning of Cutlery

cutlery means: a cutting implement; a tool for cutting

Meaning of Dalbergia stevensonii

dalbergia stevensonii means: Central American tree yielding a valuable dark streaked rosewood

Meaning of Drug peddler

drug peddler means: an unlicensed dealer in illegal drugs

Meaning of Eightsome

eightsome means: a Scottish reel for eight dancers

Meaning of Eightsome

eightsome means: eight people considered as a unit

Meaning of Family syngnathidae

family syngnathidae means: pipefishes

Meaning of Genus oestrus

genus oestrus means: type genus of the Oestridae: sheep botflies

Meaning of Genus pachycephala

genus pachycephala means: arboreal insectivorous birds

Meaning of Hematochezia

hematochezia means: passage of stools containing blood (as from diverticulosis or colon cancer or peptic ulcer)

Meaning of Indeterminacy principle

indeterminacy principle means: (quantum theory) the theory that it is impossible to measure both energy and time (or position and momentum) completely accurately at the same time

Meaning of Mellowed

mellowed means: softened through age or experience

Meaning of Mellowed

mellowed means: having a full and pleasing flavor through proper aging

Meaning of Murderously

murderously means: in a murderous frenzy

Meaning of Murderously

murderously means: as if bent on murder

Meaning of Pertly

pertly means: in an impudent or impertinent manner

Meaning of Profoundly

profoundly means: to a great depth psychologically or emotionally

Meaning of Solar panel

solar panel means: electrical device consisting of a large array of connected solar cells

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