Words containing clus

Meaning of Abocclusion

abocclusion means: the condition in which the upper teeth do not touch the lower teeth when biting

Meaning of Acute inclusion body encephalitis

acute inclusion body encephalitis means: common form of acute encephalitis caused by herpes simplex 1; usually affects the temporal and frontal lobes

Meaning of All-inclusive

all-inclusive means: broad in scope or content

Meaning of Anacyclus

anacyclus means: a Spanish pellitory

Meaning of Anacyclus pyrethrum

anacyclus pyrethrum means: a small Mediterranean plant containing a volatile oil once used to relieve toothache

Meaning of Cellular inclusion

cellular inclusion means: any small intracellular body found within another (characteristic of certain diseases)

Meaning of Cinclus

cinclus means: type genus of the family Cinclidae

Meaning of Cinclus aquaticus

cinclus aquaticus means: a water ouzel of Europe

Meaning of Cinclus mexicanus

cinclus mexicanus means: a water ouzel of western North America

Meaning of Clusia

clusia means: an aromatic tree of the genus Clusia having large white or yellow or pink flowers

Meaning of Acetone body

acetone body means: a ketone that is an intermediate product of the breakdown of fats in the body; any of three compounds (acetoacetic acid, acetone, and/or beta-hydroxybutyric acid) found in excess in blood and urine of persons with metabolic disorders

Meaning of Automatic choke

automatic choke means: a choke that automatically controls the flow of air to the carburetor

Meaning of Clattery

clattery means: a rattling sound as of hard things striking together

Meaning of Customs bureau

customs bureau means: the agency of the Treasury Department that enforces import tariffs

Meaning of Defensive

defensive means: an attitude of defensiveness (especially in the phrase `on the defensive')

Meaning of Defensive

defensive means: intended or appropriate for defending against or deterring aggression or attack

Meaning of Defensive

defensive means: attempting to justify or defend in speech or writing

Meaning of Dissymmetry

dissymmetry means: (mathematics) a lack of symmetry

Meaning of Fearsome

fearsome means: causing fear or dread or terror

Meaning of Forcefulness

forcefulness means: physical energy or intensity

Meaning of Genus thuja

genus thuja means: red cedar

Meaning of Here

here means: the present location; this place

Meaning of Here

here means: queen of the Olympian gods in ancient Greek mythology; sister and wife of Zeus remembered for her jealously of the many mortal women Zeus fell in love with; identified with Roman Juno

Meaning of Here

here means: being here now

Meaning of Here

here means: in or at this place; where the speaker or writer is

Meaning of Here

here means: to this place (especially toward the speaker)

Meaning of Here

here means: in this circumstance or respect or on this point or detail

Meaning of Here

here means: at this time; now

Meaning of Importunate

importunate means: expressing persistant and earnest entreaty

Meaning of Inedible

inedible means: not suitable for food

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