Words containing cloc

Meaning of Against the clock

against the clock means: as fast as possible; before a deadline

Meaning of Alarm clock

alarm clock means: a clock that wakes a sleeper at some preset time

Meaning of Ammonia clock

ammonia clock means: an atomic clock based on vibrational frequency of the nitrogen atom in the ammonia molecule

Meaning of Analog clock

analog clock means: a clock that displays the time of day by the position of hands on a dial

Meaning of Anticlockwise

anticlockwise means: in the direction opposite to the rotation of the hands of a clock

Meaning of Anticlockwise

anticlockwise means: in a direction opposite to the direction in which the hands of a clock move

Meaning of Around the clock

around the clock means: without stopping

Meaning of Around-the-clock

around-the-clock means: at all times

Meaning of Atomic clock

atomic clock means: a timepiece that derives its time scale from the vibration of atoms or molecules

Meaning of Biological clock

biological clock means: an innate mechanism in living organisms that controls the periodicity of many physiological functions

Meaning of Aschelminthes

aschelminthes means: unsegmented worms: roundworms; threadworms; eelworms

Meaning of Diffraction

diffraction means: when light passes sharp edges or goes through narrow slits the rays are deflected and produce fringes of light and dark bands

Meaning of Dine in

dine in means: eat at home

Meaning of Disinter

disinter means: dig up for reburial or for medical investigation; of dead bodies

Meaning of Enterolobium

enterolobium means: small genus of tropical American timber trees closely allied to genus Albizia

Meaning of Feliz lusitania

feliz lusitania means: port city in northern Brazil in the Amazon delta; main port and commercial center for the Amazon River basin

Meaning of Finger scanning

finger scanning means: biometric identification by automatically scanning a person's fingerprints electronically

Meaning of Foul-mouthed

foul-mouthed means: using foul or obscene language

Meaning of Genus lama

genus lama means: llamas

Meaning of Impotently

impotently means: in a helpless manner

Meaning of Irreproachable

irreproachable means: free of guilt; not subject to blame

Meaning of Maidenhair berry

maidenhair berry means: slow-growing procumbent evergreen shrublet of northern North America and Japan having white flowers and numerous white fleshy rough and hairy seeds

Meaning of Me.

me. means: a state in New England

Meaning of Perseveringly

perseveringly means: with perseverance

Meaning of Polysaccharide

polysaccharide means: any of a class of carbohydrates whose molecules contain chains of monosaccharide molecules

Meaning of Provost marshal

provost marshal means: the supervisor of the military police

Meaning of Rhodanthe

rhodanthe means: Australian annual everlasting having light pink nodding flower heads; sometimes placed in genus Helipterum

Meaning of Root hair

root hair means: thin hairlike outgrowth of an epidermal cell just behind the tip; absorbs nutrients from the soil

Meaning of Steakhouse

steakhouse means: a restaurant that specializes in steaks

Meaning of Unflurried

unflurried means: free from emotional agitation or nervous tension

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