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Meaning of Alectis ciliaris

alectis ciliaris means: fish having greatly elongated front rays on dorsal and anal fins

Meaning of Amoxicillin

amoxicillin means: an antibiotic; a semisynthetic oral penicillin (trade names Amoxil and Larotid and Polymox and Trimox and Augmentin) used to treat bacterial infections

Meaning of Ampicillin

ampicillin means: semisynthetic penicillin (trade names Principen and Polycillin and SK-Ampicillin)

Meaning of Ancillary

ancillary means: furnishing added support

Meaning of Anthrax bacillus

anthrax bacillus means: a species of bacillus that causes anthrax in humans and in animals (cattle and swine and sheep and rabbits and mice and guinea pigs); can be used a bioweapon

Meaning of Arteria ciliaris

arteria ciliaris means: one of several arteries supplying the choroid coat of the eye

Meaning of Asclepias subverticillata

asclepias subverticillata means: milkweed of southwestern United States and Mexico; poisonous to livestock

Meaning of Asclepias verticillata

asclepias verticillata means: milkweed of the eastern United States with narrow leaves in whorls and greenish-white flowers

Meaning of Athletic facility

athletic facility means: a facility for athletic events

Meaning of Bacillaceae

bacillaceae means: typically rod-shaped usually Gram-positive bacteria that produce endospores

Meaning of Abstracted

abstracted means: lost in thought; showing preoccupation

Meaning of Amusement arcade

amusement arcade means: an arcade featuring coin-operated game machines

Meaning of Argillaceous

argillaceous means: resembling or containing clay

Meaning of Cervical vein

cervical vein means: a vein that accompanies an artery of the same name

Meaning of Clitoral vein

clitoral vein means: veins that serve the clitoris

Meaning of Dominica

dominica means: a volcanic island in the Windward Islands that was once a stronghold of the Carib Indians

Meaning of Dominica

dominica means: a country on the island of Dominica

Meaning of Frumpish

frumpish means: primly out of date

Meaning of Glinka

glinka means: Russian composer (1804-1857)

Meaning of Hemizygos vein

hemizygos vein means: a continuation of the left ascending lumbar vein; crosses the midline at the 8th vertebra and empties into the azygos vein

Meaning of Inertial mass

inertial mass means: (physics) the mass of a body as determined by the second law of motion from the acceleration of the body when it is subjected to a force that is not due to gravity

Meaning of Instant coffee

instant coffee means: dehydrated coffee that can be made into a drink by adding hot water

Meaning of Mastotermes

mastotermes means: primitive genus of termites; mostly extinct; sometimes considered the most primitive Isoptera

Meaning of Mouth harp

mouth harp means: a small rectangular free-reed instrument having a row of free reeds set back in air holes and played by blowing into the desired hole

Meaning of Nasal meatus

nasal meatus means: the passages in the nasal cavity formed by the projections of the nasal conchae

Meaning of Opalise

opalise means: replace or convert into opal

Meaning of Opalise

opalise means: make opalescent

Meaning of Pillager

pillager means: someone who takes spoils or plunder (as in war)

Meaning of Planera

planera means: a deciduous tree of the family Ulmaceae that grows in the southeastern United States

Meaning of Starvation

starvation means: the act of depriving of food or subjecting to famine

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