Words containing benevolen

Meaning of Benevolence

benevolence means: an act intending or showing kindness and good will

Meaning of Benevolence

benevolence means: an inclination to do kind or charitable acts

Meaning of Benevolence

benevolence means: disposition to do good

Meaning of Benevolent

benevolent means: generous in assistance to the poor

Meaning of Benevolent

benevolent means: generous in providing aid to others

Meaning of Benevolent

benevolent means: showing or motivated by sympathy and understanding and generosity

Meaning of Benevolent

benevolent means: intending or showing kindness

Meaning of Benevolently

benevolently means: in a benevolent manner

Meaning of Axon

axon means: long nerve fiber that conducts away from the cell body of the neuron

Meaning of Cenogenetic

cenogenetic means: of or relating to cenogenesis

Meaning of Constraining

constraining means: restricting the scope or freedom of action

Meaning of Eastside

eastside means: of the eastern part of a city e.g. Manhattan

Meaning of Edmund cartwright

edmund cartwright means: English clergyman who invented the power loom (1743-1823)

Meaning of Enrollee

enrollee means: a person who enrolls in (or is enrolled in) a class or course of study

Meaning of European bittern

european bittern means: a kind of bittern

Meaning of Grandma

grandma means: the mother of your father or mother

Meaning of Grey poplar

grey poplar means: large rapidly growing poplar with faintly lobed dentate leaves grey on the lower surface; native to Europe but introduced and naturalized elsewhere

Meaning of Kylix

kylix means: a shallow drinking cup with two handles; used in ancient Greece

Meaning of Nebuchadrezzar ii

nebuchadrezzar ii means: (Old Testament) king of Chaldea who captured and destroyed Jerusalem and exiled the Israelites to Babylonia (630?-562 BC)

Meaning of Nonreflective

nonreflective means: not capable of physical reflection

Meaning of Ondatra

ondatra means: muskrats

Meaning of Pet sitter

pet sitter means: someone left in charge of pets while their owners are away from home

Meaning of Pius x

pius x means: pope who condemned religious modernism; he was canonized in 1954 because of his interest in the poor (1835-1914)

Meaning of Stag's-horn coral

stag's-horn coral means: large branching coral resembling antlers

Meaning of Telecom hotel

telecom hotel means: a building that houses telecommunications equipment

Meaning of Voting system

voting system means: a legal system for making democratic choices

Meaning of Weapons system

weapons system means: weapons considered collectively

Meaning of Wind cone

wind cone means: a truncated cloth cone mounted on a mast; used (e.g., at airports) to show the direction of the wind

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