Words containing auspi

Meaning of Acaricide

acaricide means: a chemical agent used to kill mites

Meaning of Archaicism

archaicism means: the use of an archaic expression

Meaning of Association of islamic groups and communities

association of islamic groups and communities means: a Turkish terrorist group of fundamentalist Muslims with ties to al-Qaeda that operates in Germany; seeks the violent overthrow of the Turkish government and the establishment of an Islamic nation modeled on Iran

Meaning of Battle flag

battle flag means: a flag that leads troops into battle

Meaning of Child's game

child's game means: a game enjoyed by children

Meaning of Etude

etude means: a short composition for a solo instrument; intended as an exercise or to demonstrate technical virtuosity

Meaning of Fall short of

fall short of means: fail to satisfy, as of expectations, for example

Meaning of Fanconi's anaemia

fanconi's anaemia means: a rare congenital anemia characterized by pancytopenia and hypoplasia of the bone marrow

Meaning of Fumitory

fumitory means: delicate European herb with greyish leaves and spikes of purplish flowers; formerly used medicinally

Meaning of Genus pecten

genus pecten means: type genus of the family Pectinidae: sea and bay scallops

Meaning of Glade mallow

glade mallow means: tall coarse American herb having palmate leaves and numerous small white dioecious flowers; found wild in most alluvial soils of eastern and central United States

Meaning of Lipid

lipid means: an oily organic compound insoluble in water but soluble in organic solvents; essential structural component of living cells (along with proteins and carbohydrates)

Meaning of Mindlessly

mindlessly means: in an unreasonably senseless manner

Meaning of Mindlessly

mindlessly means: without intellectual involvement

Meaning of Paleoanthropological

paleoanthropological means: of or concerned with the scientific study of human fossils

Meaning of Solder

solder means: an alloy (usually of lead and tin) used when melted to join two metal surfaces

Meaning of Solder

solder means: join or fuse with solder

Meaning of Sprinkle

sprinkle means: the act of sprinkling or splashing water

Meaning of Sprinkle

sprinkle means: a light shower that falls in some locations and not others nearby

Meaning of Sprinkle

sprinkle means: scatter with liquid; wet lightly

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