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Meaning of Abdominal breathing

abdominal breathing means: breathing in which most of the respiratory effort is done by the abdominal muscles

Meaning of Acathexia

acathexia means: an inability to retain bodily secretions

Meaning of Acathexis

acathexis means: (psychoanalysis) a lack of cathexis; a condition in which significant objects or memories arouse no emotion in an individual

Meaning of Adenopathy

adenopathy means: a glandular disease or enlargement of glandular tissue (especially of the lymph glands)

Meaning of Advance death benefit

advance death benefit means: a percentage of death benefits paid directly to policy holders having a short life expectancy (usually 6 months)

Meaning of Aftermath

aftermath means: the outcome of an event especially as relative to an individual

Meaning of Aftermath

aftermath means: the consequences of an event (especially a catastrophic event)

Meaning of Agatha christie

agatha christie means: prolific English writer of detective stories (1890-1976)

Meaning of Agathis

agathis means: kauri pine

Meaning of Agathis alba

agathis alba means: native to the Moluccas and Philippines; a source of dammar resin

Meaning of Black weevil

black weevil means: brown weevil that infests stored grain especially rice

Meaning of Charmed

charmed means: filled with wonder and delight

Meaning of Charmed

charmed means: strongly attracted

Meaning of Convertibility

convertibility means: the quality of being exchangeable (especially the ability to convert a currency into gold or other currencies without restriction)

Meaning of Courteously

courteously means: in a polite manner

Meaning of Cringle

cringle means: fastener consisting of a metal ring for lining a small hole to permit the attachment of cords or lines

Meaning of Free-liver

free-liver means: someone who gratifies physical appetites (especially for food and drink) with more than the usual freedom

Meaning of Genus sagina

genus sagina means: small low-growing annual or perennial herbs of temperate and cool regions

Meaning of Gunmetal

gunmetal means: a type of bronze used for parts subject to wear or corrosion (especially corrosion by sea water)

Meaning of Jack mackerel

jack mackerel means: a California food fish

Meaning of Japanese banana

japanese banana means: Asiatic banana plant cultivated especially as a foliage plant in Japan

Meaning of Maple-leaf

maple-leaf means: the emblem of Canada

Meaning of Newsstand

newsstand means: a stall where newspapers and other periodicals are sold

Meaning of Noiselessness

noiselessness means: the property of making no noise

Meaning of Pluteaceae

pluteaceae means: a family of fungi belonging to the order Agaricales

Meaning of Reconstruction

reconstruction means: the activity of constructing something again

Meaning of Reconstruction

reconstruction means: recall that is hypothesized to work by storing abstract features which are then used to construct the memory during recall

Meaning of Reconstruction

reconstruction means: an interpretation formed by piecing together bits of evidence

Meaning of Reconstruction

reconstruction means: the period after the American Civil War when the southern states were reorganized and reintegrated into the Union; 1865-1877

Meaning of Relinquished

relinquished means: that has been withdrawn or retreated from

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